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  2. Hi, -Membership fees -Course fees -textbook cost -Exam fees My employer have not paid for the above, Where in UFILE should they be entered? Thank you
  3. Same issue. Password all of sudden stops working. Tried to reset password but email reset link is never sent. I've had no need to change email/password for almost 10yrs then this happens. Forwarded complaint to help@ufile.ca. You get nothing but a password form letter which provides ZERO help as it doesnt address my issue at all. Tried calling, puts you on hold ad nauseum for hours on end. I'm now trying support@ufile.ca... *fingers crossed* Extremely frustrating. How does a company operate like this??
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  5. Just contact ufile chat on facebook. The way reset password could be 1) sending email help@ufile.ca with userid, filed email address and phone number. 2) you would get a auto reply email. 3) you reply this email without changing subject. I guess then, ufile will be directed how to reset password.
  6. I still have the problem. Need advise what should I do? "challenge phrase, a unique word or phrase that is used to reset your password" looks like there is no way to void filling this information to reset password. I emailed ufile support and got all auto reply unhelpful information. I called ufile as well but waited forever no nobody answering. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have, in the meantime, been able to reset 2 of the 5 UserID's, but not yet the other 3 because the security questions UFile asks are not the questions we set up. Their management of the UserID-specific security questions and answers is definitely fouled up, and I am thus still afraid of losing those 3 UserID's.
  8. Hey, being a restaurant owner I never thought of getting any VMS until I attended an online conference yesterday! My shop was closed for the past two months, only a few days ago we started operating it at reduced capacity. We had an online conference for explaining the guidelines for operation on the grounds of COVID-19. The session was handled by a business and market analyst of Dock365. He had given an outline about their product at the end, a vendor management system. At present, my business has a lot of vendors cooperating with us for many services, even though it is pretty much difficult to manage all of them, we are doing it manually. I have three staff to maintain the vendor relationships, so I don't mind making the process digitalized only to reduce the workload. At the same time, I will go for any sound vms in case if it can help to increase our net profit. So far, I'm not that educated about any of this vendor management software other than the mentioned vendor management system, so I have gone through their website and experienced the demo product. So I have a question today, how necessary is it to purchase a vendor management system for a restaurant business? And how is it going to impact our profitability? I badly need expert advice. In anticipation of a reply. Thanks for reading and probably respond.
  9. Ufile.ca decided to stop accepting my passwords, and resetting a password asks for a secret phrase that I have not set. I have tried every option to get support: Posting on the forum got no replies. Emailing support got no response. Using the support template got me an unhelpful automated reply and then, when I replied to it, nothing. Calling the phone number either disconnects me immediately with "there is no agent to answer your call" or puts me on eternal hold. How the hell do I get through? Is there some super-secret option I am not aware of? I've been using ufile from 2002, even though there were free alternatives. This is not how a reputable company behaves!
  10. https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/e-services/e-services-individuals/netfile-overview/eligibility.html NETFILE The NETFILE and ReFILE services are now open for the electronic filing of your 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 T1 personal income tax and benefit return. The NETFILE and ReFILE services will be open until Friday, January 29, 2021.
  11. Does anyone ever answer a phone there? I am locked out of my account (the password was changed or expired without my knowledge). Cannot get an email response or anyone on the phone .... waited on hold for 3 hours 2 days ago. Now the phone message is simply there are no agents to answer questions.

    Has UFile gone under? Was it hacked? Data breach? What the heck is going on?

  12. This happened to me this week ... I have tried email, phone, this site, and finally Twitter ... still no response! Have you have any luck?
  13. For some reason ufile.ca does stopped accepting my passwords for any of my accounts. When I try to "change password" it asks me for a challenge phrase. I made those accounts a long time ago, and I am certain that I was not asked for a challenge phrase. What gives? I need this fix ASAP!
  14. Today I was able to reset passwords on selected UserIDs and regained access to confirm that their history files were secure. I’m confidant that access to the rest of my accounts can be restored by resetting the passwords at their next sign-in. Don't know if there is a time limit/deadline for resetting these passwords to avoid any possibility of permanent lockout. Advised the support helpdesk that I was not the only user that was surprised/locked-out/frustrated by this ‘scheduled maintenance’ to upgrade their security protocols. Also strongly suggested that they provide some advance notice and keep users better informed during future outages.
  15. By "afternoon", maybe they mean pacific time given that it's now 6pm EST and I still don't have access 🤣
  16. Finally got thru on the support line: ..reassured that all account info is secure and protected ..still working on the Security Upgrade ..service should be available later this afternoon (Friday) ..
  17. The site is now back up after their "routine" maintenance -- but I still don't have access and my account
  18. Thank you Qbert TaxTutor and bb_sam for confirming this and for supporting my claims. To borrow the COVID-19 slogan, "We're in this together", yes? Now, to add insult to injury, I tried "liking" your posts (just like you two "liked" each others' posts and mine), and it now blocks me from doing the "liking". Are they deliberately blocking further embarrassment? All I can do is see the existing "likes". Overall, the two of you may be right in your assessment. I hope you are right, because that would at least give us hope of a restored service.
  19. What's interesting is that I did get a response when I contacted Ufile via Facebook and Twitter. They responded within an hour or so. They seem to be oblivious to the issue that we all seem to be experiencing. Instead of explaining why this issue just started happening all of a sudden, I was sent an email asking for various documents to reset my password (photo ID, a ufile invoice showing my user name, etc). I completed this and sent it back. Granted by the time all this happened and I replied to that email it was about 4pm. I think they close at 5pm so I still haven't heard back. In my response (both in the email and via FB) I asked again to explain why this happened in the first place. I think Qbert is correct -- something is going on that has affected their logins/passwords and they must be trying to fix it and assess the scope of the issue at the same time.
  20. Like Hartmut, I am an experienced user of UFILE Online and have had no problems filing 2019 returns over the past few weeks. Today (June 17) I have the same problem signing into several UserIDs that I had been working on over the past week and whose returns were ready to be NETfiled. In all cases I was unable to get past the "invalid userid or password" at sign-on which appeared to have changed overnight to a 2-step verification process. I suspect that the sign-on security procedure has been changed/hacked and they are currently working/scrambling to fix this problem in crisis mode. How else can they explain their lack of response to Hartmut's support requests without any explanation/resolution. Furthermore, today's notification on the Ufile.ca website that the UFILE service “will be offline from 7am - 7pm tomorrow (Jun18) for scheduled maintenance” further confirms my suspicion. Here's hoping that the Ufile support team will react to these serious concerns and provide some explanation and a commitment to returning to a secure service.
  21. I'm having this same issue Hartmut. I've also tried to call and email Ufile. Not getting any response from them. It's strange that they have no one working in their offices? What's even more strange is that I literally just filed my taxes about a week or two ago -- I never changed my password but all of a sudden it's now saying that my password is invalid. I also can't reset my password -- it's asking me for the phrase/word I gave to reset my password. I don't even recall setting this functionality up? I'm beginning to think that they may have been hacked. This has the trademarks of something more sinister I sure hope I'm wrong.
  22. I too must now join the frustrated UFile users here, after 14 years of being a very happy UFile user. I am now (as of a few days ago) totally locked out of logging into any of the 5 UserID's that I manage (mine, and 4 other people close to me). All 5 say "invalid userid or password" (which is very untrue, since I am the only one who manages these 5 UserID's). When I invoke "forgot password", as a last resort, it asks the same generic question "What is your mother's birthplace?" for all 5 UserID's, even though that is not the recovery Q+A we ever entered for any of these 5 UserID's. Phone calls to UFile at +1-514-733-8414 or +1-888-633-8414 result in a terse message "no agent is available" and hang-up, with no option of a queue or callback (or voicemail), and my detailed support request via their Web "contact us" form has gone unanswered. I even phoned the Thomson Reuters DT Max parent company of UFile, but they rejected my request for a contact mechanism by declaring "this is a UFile matter, not our problem". All 5 UserID's 2019 tax returns have been worked on earlier this year (and 4 were submitted successfully). Since one of these 5 (the unfinished one) is even advance-paid this year, this surely constitutes fraud on UFile's part by now! Any ideas what I can still do?
  23. You cannot ReFILE a return when you want to change split pension amounts, as this is specifically mentioned by CRA as an exclusion.
  24. What were the jobs the client was doing? Was it at a placement agency, or was the client a taxi driver?
  25. Create two additional T4A slips, one containing a box 28 amount and the other a box 48 amount. Confirm that the total income did not change. You may get a warning, but can be safely ignored if the slips are reported.
  26. I am unable to efile, and receive the following error: The amount in box 28 of the T4A slip (Other income included in business income (memo)) must also be reported within the corresponding business as self-employment income. I have 2 T4A slips, let's call them T4A(1) and T4A(2), and have also created two corresponding T2125's, let's call them T2125(1) and T2125(2) T4A(1): Box 048 amount is $3600.00 T2125(1): T4A Fees for service (T4A box 048) -- $3600.00 T2125(1): NAICS Code 445120 T4A(2): Box 028+ is $3000.00 T2125(2): Other income (T4A box 028) -- $3000.00 T2125(2): NAICS Code 611710 What's going on here? Does UFILE not recognize which T4A corresponds to which T2125? Any help is appreciated.
  27. Hello, one of my clients worked in AB and BC in 2019, and received three T4 in total. I input all the information in the 'T4 and employment income section' and received this message in the Review page. She has neither rental income nor self-employment income. Could anybody help me why I received this message and how to fix it ? Thank you.
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