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  2. I am filing a 2018 return for a family member who passed away in early 2019. Am I required to list them as deceased in the interview section? Hoping the answer is no so that I can efile the return.
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  4. You don't have to install UFile twice. Simply start UFile on the other account and enter your PRO activation key.
  5. @Antoine would you be able to tell me how does a person usually use their tuition to reduce their income? Does Ufile automatically reduce taxable income when you enter the tuition amount??????????? Please i need to know.
  6. I have the same problem. i finished fill in all the info and the ufile have 0 error at the bottom and i still can't go to review.
  7. Hello, Doing taxes this year on Ufile again (not new to Ufile). My wife was a student in 2017, and had a full time job in 2018. Based on her notice of assessment, she has federal and provincial tuition and education amounts carried forward. This year she wants to use only some of this amount and carry forward the maximum $5000 to next year. Under the T2202A, it asks for the "Unused Federal and provincial amounts" Asks about treatment of unused -- I choose " Carry forward to use next year" And then it says "portion of unused amount you wish to transfer federally (max 5000)" -- I put 5000. When we get to Review, she gets a big return. Under Messages it says:"UFile ignored the amounts entered for the Portion of unused amount you wish to transfer on the tuition and education page as they are not relevant given the choice made for handling the Unused tuition and education amounts." Under Federal it shows it has used ALL the tuition amount under line 323. Why is it doing this?
  8. Hi there, How can I deduct the tuition fee I have paid for my daughter who study outside Canada
  9. I worked in Canada for 4 years. I joined ESPP program and bought some stocks at 15% discounts. I received dividend and received 1099DIV form. But I have not been in US since 2015. Should I file the US tax?
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  11. Got it to work. I was running with x32dbg (Noticed 2 exceptions thrown after pressing the download button). I took note of the procedure called after pressing the download button. Put a breakpoint there. Then after pressing download, stepped instruction-by-instruction until a message box came up with an actual error telling me I was missing some information. I'm guessing this InvalidOperationException is actually caused by the error handling routine, and is not the actual error itself. Regardless, after filling in the additional info, it worked as expected.
  12. UFile doesn't seem to log errors and they never did reply to my support request. I just proceeded to try putting it through different states (netfile, print return, view my return etc.) and feeding it various data until it came up with an error where someone had finally just printed the exception instead of writing something dumb like "Oops!". It was missing api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll which is apparently packaged with the 2015 runtimes. It should be binary compatible with 2017, I agree - unless it's looking for a specific version? Windows is not really my thing these days, I run this software on its own copy of Windows 7 in a VM. So all I can really tell you is that it will work on a clean install of Win7 SP1 with the 2015 VC++ runtimes installed.
  13. I have MSVC++ 2017 installed which is (according to M$) binary compatible with MSVC++ 2015 -- 2015 cannot be installed alongside 2017. Yet I still get this error. Where did you get an error log from?
  14. My teenage daughter gets the following warning which prevents us from filing our family tax return using NETFILE: Based on your family income and according to your family situation, UFile has determined that you MIGHT be eligible for some of the Ontario Trillium benefits that are claimed on the ON-BEN form. You may define your applicable claims in the ON-BEN - Application page and enter the data pertaining to your principal residence in the relevant ON-BEN - Declaration pages to enable UFile to perform the calculation of the estimated Ontario Trillium Benefit and the Ontario Senior Homeowners' Property Tax Grant,
  15. Any idea how I add a 2018 RRSP receipt from Jan-Mar. It arrived after I filed last year.
  16. I just ran this update and ufile review tab works!
  17. The windows update fixed my problem on win 7
  18. I'm on windows 7. Same problems. Says there are errors on the review tab but there aren't any actual errors.
  19. where do I enter income earned in the USA? how do I enter the federal, state, and local taxes paid in the USA?
  20. KayS

    2017 won't open

    I also started to have problems on March 11/2019. Just cannot open Ufile 2018? please help. I have sent several emails to Ufile contact and have had no response. I am a CVITP volunteer. Have had no support from any resources.
  21. Cannot not open Ufile, tried deleting and opening several times.
  22. Cannot not open Ufile, tried deleting and opening several times.
  23. Exact same thing just happened to me. Each time I try to email ufile, the whole site freezes. A year later and the same problem? I logged in to the CRA and it says that they were both submitted but on ufile, the account is locked. Can't find a phone number for ufile, and can't contact them because their site keeps crashing... Not sure what to do. If any customer service reps are monitoring this site, this is what i tried to send!! Hello. I had difficulty sending my netfile. My husbands was sent successfully and mine was rejected. But clicking my name somehow redirected to his. I tried a few times, and then his account was locked. I clicked on my name at the top and then it worked. However, his account is now locked and it says his form was rejected. I checked on the government website and it says that both were received successfully. How do I unlock his account now?
  24. Where do I enter amount on line 016 on T4A on my Ufile?
  25. In 2017 I used the ufile online version and this year I am using the download version of ufile. How to I save a version from the online ufile that I can use to Carry Forward a 2017 file on the download version. Thanks
  26. Return completed with wrong last name, license was activated in order to EFile. When attempting to send return to CRA the error code appears. Changed name on return, still will not EFile and the tax return counter shows the wrong last name even after fixing. Does this mean the return has to be re-entered, saved with new license/activation? If yes, then this will use another "return" correct?
  27. Hi, Following the original question posed, if my rental is considered short term do I have to substract the amount of days the property is not rented? If so, do I perform this calculation before entering under total expense column? Thanks!
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