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  2. Children's Arts Amount

    I believe our lovely Liberal government got rid of the Children's Art Credit (and the Children's Fitness Credit) for all provinces for 2017 taxes.
  3. Going around in circles here.... Where do I enter child care expenses for a dependant? I've created a dependant and I can see their tab. No where on there does the Child Care option show up. I went back to the Interview Setup and don't see anything there, either. The only way I can get anything child care related is to choose the Child Care (Special cases) option under my Interview Setup, but it's not a special case, it's just regular child care costs.
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  5. Schedule 5 - Line 315

    my dependent is impairment in physical function and I choose claim line307 for this one, but I could not find schedule 5 and amount show in line307,how to fix it? thanks
  6. Caregiver

    why no one answer you from U file? I met same problem this year and same thing as you. I hate this garbage now.
  7. I'm unable to save my tax file. I'm getting the following message: "The tax file you are trying to save is locked by another application" I'll greatly appreciate any help on how to resolve this? Thank you!!!
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  9. Hi, I have been using to file my tax since 2012, everything was good. This year I have a difficult situation, I moved from Montreal to Toronto for a new job. As I understand, I need to file the tax as an Ontario resident. In Quebec, I was a postdoc research fellow and I receive a stipend which is taxable for federal but exempted for Quebec. I received a T4A and a RL1 respectively. In Ufile, I tried putting my T4A amount there (there is no separate form for Quebec), and in the final calculation, I was required to pay Ontario provincial tax (around 5-6k) for this amount. This doesn't make sense since I received the fellowship in Quebec when I was a Quebec resident so I don't think I have to pay the Ontario portion. Does anyone know if there is a way to input the amount so I can avoid being "double" taxed? Thank you
  10. 2015 cd tax software

    Hi there I have to do my 2015 taxes unable to find anywhere to put cd in as all libraries have upgraded I finally hv done my taxes with my cd on my computer ..i want to now transfer that info onto an online 2015 tax i can continue online and download my tax return and print it at a library how can i do that
  11. Using the Online version. The download, which started working a few days ago, is fetching for me a T4E, a T5 and RRSP deduction limit information. I have a T4 from my employer and T5 from another bank that are not appearing as part of the downloaded info. Why? Also, should not the RRSP info also contain the amount contributed for the year and not just the RRSP deduction limit? Thanks! Oscar
  12. Children's Fitness Expenses

    Hello The Houses, If you would like to split the kind of Fitness and recreation, hit the plus sign as shown in the following screenshot:
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  14. At the end of the Gain Capitals questionnaire the question is " Class No. of property". There are 58 class codes. Does anyone know what they mean?
  15. Children's Fitness Expenses

    Antoine,thanks for the response, but you just restated what is in the help file and on CRA and that isn't what I'm looking for. As I mentioned, I am looking for what information is supposed to go in the two boxes in the image provided - not rules on child fitness expenses. Your response here is where I was hoping for an example - ie. Skating | $300 or is it Skating | The Frozen Hockey Rink ?
  16. Child Fitness credit

    Hello SilentBob, Starting with the 2017 taxation year, the Children's Activity Tax Credit is no longer available. Coginov will be updated soon.
  17. Children's Fitness Expenses

    Hello The Houses, Amount for fitness and recreation for children - Federal lines 458 and 459 The federal government amended the "Amount for fitness and recreation for children", a refundable credit, effective as of January 1st, 2016. The maximum eligible amount respecting the refundable "Amount for fitness and recreation for children" will be reduced from $1 000 to $500 in 2016. The supplemental amounts for children eligible for the disability tax credit will remain at $500 for 2016. Please note that for the tax year 2017 the "Amount for fitness and recreation for children" will be eliminated. However, for 2015, the "Amount for fitness and recreation for children" will remain available for those who forgot to claim it. We invite you to consult the following link: The CRA guide states that "the child must be under 16 years of age, or under 18 years of age if entitled to the disability amount, at the beginning of the year". The fitness and recreation expenses must be entered in the file of the dependant who incurred the costs. To do so, please follow the steps below: 1. In the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab" section of the dependant's file, select "Fitness and recreation". This item will appear only if the dependant is eligible for this credit. 2. Enter all relevant information regarding the activities and the fees that were paid. 3. If you wish, you can share the credit between you and your spouse. To do so, you need to complete the second part of this page. The refundable credit will be entered by the program at line 459 of the federal return.
  18. How do RRSP deductions work

    Hello UFILER 47 Warning - Over contributions to RRSP The program generates a warning when your RRSP contribution exceeds your "RRSP/PRPP deduction limit for 2017 (per 2016 assessment, line A)", and also a second warning that the program will limit your contribution to the eligible amount. The excess contribution will be transferred to Schedule 7, Part D entitled "RRSP/PRPP unused contributions available to carry forward". To remove the second warning, go back to the "Interview" tab and in the "Left side menu on the Interview tab" and select "RRSP contributions, limits''. On the page on your right, go to the line "RRSP or PRPP/VRSP deduction to use (leave blank to use all your contributions as a deduction)" and enter the maximum amount you can contribute. Go back to the "Review" tab and a warning will be generated informing you that your RRSP contribution exceeds your deductible maximum and if it exceeds $ 2,000 you are subject to penalties. However, the CRA will may assess monthly penalties of 1 % on your over contribution. Certain rules apply on unused RRSP contributions, we recommend you visit the following link for more information: In addition, we suggest that you contact the CRA to explain your situation and to obtain information to correct the situation, in order not to be penalized if possible.
  19. Tax Return Won't Display

    Hello, Version 21.10 of UFile for Windows is now available.
  20. Tax Return Won't Display

    If you're using the Windows Classic Theme and still encountering issues, please contact for assistance.
  21. How do RRSP deductions work

    am getting a warning from Ufile that says "Your RRSP contribution exceeds your deduction limit". When I reduce the contribution my tax refund also goes down. So I am wondering what this warning means? How can I calculate the correct contribution to maximize my return? this was from another chap with no answers, can anyone explain the the topics are on that page dealing with RRSPs
  22. Tax Return Won't Display

    I too downloaded the last update. Didn't fix the problem for me either. It is still a blank screen.
  23. Children's Fitness Expenses

    I am trying to properly enter the details and expenses for my children's fitness expenses. THe first line asks: "Eligible fitness and recreational expenses for this dependant" with two fields beside it. What am I to put in these two fields? Skating (and location) ? Sport + Amount? Do, I just list each and every activity type? And is the "Enter the amount to claim" to be a grand total of all activities being reported? And finally, what is the maple leaf button for? How is it different from the +/- buttons beside it?
  24. Auto-Fill Supported Browsers?

    You are quite welcome. It does puzzle me however why it insists on using IE11 rather than the default browser which could be any of several including Edge, Firefox, Chrome (personally, yuck), Opera or other browser whether you are on W10 or an earlier version of the OS.
  25. Auto-Fill Supported Browsers?

    Ok .. got it solved. Activate IE from windows features in control panel. Thank you for you help.
  26. Auto-Fill Supported Browsers?

    you can get it by going to "Settings", "Apps and Features" and selecting "Manage Optional Features"
  27. Auto-Fill Supported Browsers?

    on my windows 10 I don't have IE.. MS replaced it with Edge.
  28. Auto-Fill Supported Browsers?

    I got 21.08 over the weekend and successfully downloaded my tax information. However, I did notice that it used Internet Explorer rather than my default browser.
  29. Auto-Fill Supported Browsers?

    I am on version 21.08 and the browser is still not Supported!
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