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    Hi, Percentage interest in the partnership: leave it blank.
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    Contribution to an RRSP

    Hi flash_os, You have to use (London Life) slip to report your RRSPs in RRSP contributions, limits section. However, what is written on T4 slip should be entered in T4 section, in the Other information section.
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    Hi flash_os, Rental income - Multiple owners If the rental property is owned by a partnership, one of the partners in the company could be either your spouse or other people. To report a rental income, follow the steps below: 1- In the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", select the item "Rental income" and in the page on your right, choose "T776 - Rental income property". 2- Return to the "Left side menu on the Interview tab" and choose the item "Partners". 3- In the screen on your right, you have two (2) choices, "Spouse co-owner of this rental property" or "Other partner or co-owner of this rental property". 4- If your spouse is co-owner, you have two options in the drop-down menu: "Generate rental income statement for spouse" or "Do not generate rental income statement for spouse". 5- If you choose the first option, it is not necessary to enter information about the building in your spouse's file. Nevertheless, the program will generate the federal Statement of Real Estate Rentals, and the Quebec equivalent form, in the case of Quebec residents. 6- However, if you have different expenses, you should select the second option and the program will not generate the Statement of Real Estate Rentals automatically, in which case you must enter the complete information relating to the rental property in your spouse's file. 7- If none of the other partners is your spouse, you must choose "Other partner or co-owner of this rental property" and enter the name, the address, SIN as well as the share of ownership. The program will prorate the income and expenses. The partner must enter into his or her own file all the information relating to the property. 8- Please note that in the page "T776 - Rental property identification", the percentage that you must enter in the fields for "Percentage interest in the partnership" and "Your share (%) of ownership if other than 100%" should be identical. 9- Usually, the owner of a rental residence does not claim any depreciation on his property, to do so under the sub-heading "CCA" of the building go to the line "Limit to the CCA or the CECA of this class" and enter $ 0.00 or the amount you wish to claim. 10- If you provide movable property, such as refrigerator or other, you can claim CCA on these items because it does not increase the value of your building. We suggest that you must keep all required records and supporting documents for your rental property for a period of six years. For more information regarding rental income, please visit the following CRA link: www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/topics/about-your-tax-return/tax-return/completing-a-tax-return/personal-income/rental-income-line-126-net-line-160-gross.html
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    Hello mburrows, Please go to the same page, "CRA questions", of the Family head and answer properly the same question. It looks like you get this message for the spouse, but the problem is in the Family head's file. I hope this will help you and you'll be able to send electronically the tax return. Have a great day, Cristina
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    Hi AndyCivil, Your foreign pension may qualify for a tax deduction under the terms of a treaty signed between Canada and the originating country. If you do not know whether any part of your foreign pension is tax exempt, contact the CRA. To enter the amount of your foreign pension income, follow the steps below: 1. In the "Left side menu on the Interview tab" select "Interview setup". 2. On the page that appears on the right, go to the "Investment income and expenses" group, check the box "Foreign income and foreign property (T1135)" and click on "Next" at the bottom of the page. 3- Return to the "Left side menu on the Interview tab" and select "Foreign income and property". 4- On the screen to your right, click on "Foreign pension income (includes U.S social security benefits)". 5- On the new page generated, you must enter the "Country from where you received the foreign income", a brief "Description of the source of the foreign income" as well as the "Exchange rate to apply". 6- For the line "Type of foreign pension income", choose the income that corresponds to your situation from the drop-down menu on your right. 7- For the line "Amount of foreign income received", enter the amount you received. If part or the entire pension is exempt from tax under an agreement or a tax agreement concluded between that country and Quebec or Canada, you can claim a deduction for income not taxable under a tax treaty. The International Tax Services Office of the Canada Revenue Agency can inform you about these tax treaties and arrangements. 8- Once this information is obtained, for the line "Income exempt under a tax treaty (leave blank for US social security benefits)", enter the amount. This amount will be reported on line 256 of the federal return and line 297 of the Quebec return. The code 12 will be entered on Quebec line 296. For more details, please consult the CRA's website, as well as Revenu Québec's website if applicable, via the following links: CRA: http://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/individuals/topics/about-your-tax-return/tax-return/completing-a-tax-return/personal-income/line-115-other-pensions-superannuation/line-115-pensions-a-foreign-country.html Revenu Québec: http://www.revenuquebec.ca/en/citoyen/situation/sejour_hors_quebec/pension-pays-etranger.aspx
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    Thank you Cristina.
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    File Rejected

    I had the same issue. If you filed more than once intentionally or un-internationally, you will see File rejected. To verify if you filed successfully, check the status under Netfile - Federal submission. You should see Accepted. To double verify, log in to CRA my personal account, you should see the 2017 return is assessed.
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    T1135 form cost values

    Hi Peter H, https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/tax/international-non-residents/information-been-moved/foreign-reporting/questions-answers-about-form-t1135.html
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    I have a T4 but no RL-1

    Thank you Cristina! Your help is much appreciated. Btw, my wife's name is also Cristina Have a nice day!
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    UFile 2017 not opening

    Thanks Cristina - I had attempted that a bunch of times. In the end, I received detailed instructions from UFile Support that worked.
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    Thank you, Cristina. It's really helpful.
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    Is Life insurance deductible?

    Nope. https://turbotax.intuit.ca/tips/deductible-life-insurance-premiums-285
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    Just had a very helpful email from the Ufile team. I went through their suggestions and checked and changed data as instructed. My page saved successfully and I was able to review our completed tax return. Thanks Ufile team and thanks Cristina for your input
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    Warning message for dependant

    Hi, If the dependant doesn't need to produce a tax return, you can ignore the warning and send your tax returns.
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    at-home-expenses total amounts?

    I think you need to put the total expense amount and the program will calculate based on the 15% of the space that you use for business purposes. That's what I did anyways. And you can double check the results in the "Review" section once you have all the information in. Good luck!
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    UFILE 2016

    Hi isalazar, You can find the download links from 2008 to 2016 in our Community: http://community.ufile.ca/index.php?/topic/6243-download-links/
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    Problem with Auto-Fill

    Finding major problems with Ufile's autofill implementation: 1. As Newbie reported, pension income was lost completely until I manually entered that it was a registered plan; 2. A T5008 was created as Investment Income, when it should have been Capital Gains. Both of these had an impact of thousands of dollars. Both required more effort to find and fix than was saved, and I am now going to have to check all downloaded data line by line to make sure there are no other errors. My recommendation: Don't use autofill!
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    I had the same error, and after digging through previous years posts on this forum, I found a solution. Go to Control Panel -> Region -> Administrative tab -> press 'Change system locale' button in the 'Locale for non-Unicode programs' section and select French (Canada). The computer will need a restart, and the submissions should work afterwards. Good luck.
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    Problem with Auto-Fill

    I used auto-fill for my tax report. One T5008 form were retrieved from CRA for a transaction I have no memory of; I do not receive the same form by mail either. There's only proceeding amount, no cost amount in this form. After checking the auto-filled forms with the paper forms received via mail (all match, except the extra T5008 form), I checked the summary, it showed I owe 10K tax. I removed the T5008 form because I do not receive it on paper by mail, and checked the summary again, my tax owed reduced to 4K. I went on to buy the TurboTax for comparison. I had the same T5008 form via auto-fill as well. But in TurboTax, having or not having the T5008 form, my tax owed is about 4K. It seems TurboTax ignores the existence of the T5008 form.