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    I am trying to download my information from CRA and I am receiving the following error : the method or operation is not implemented. I tried using chrome and edge and still have the same problem on both browsers. I also deleted my browsing history with no success. why? Thanks
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    I am experiencing the same issue. Have tried three browsers, my tablet, and a laptop.
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    Tax Return Won't Display

    Problem solved for (#4) Tax Return pages are blank. Windows Theme must be in Windows 7....mine was Classic View. When I changed it to Windows 7 view everything worked great.
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    I'm repeatedly getting this error message. I am not sure where else to report the amount in box 020 as self employment income. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hi Kushwood, Is the house your principal residence or you get revenue from it? For more information regarding rental income, please consult the CRA website at the following link: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/tpcs/ncm-tx/rtrn/cmpltng/rprtng-ncm/lns101-170/126/menu-eng.html http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tg/t4036/
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    Filing Quebec tax from the UK

    Hi, I have recently filed my Federal return but now need to file my quebec return. I moved in April 2016 back to the UK. I had previously made a tax return using HR Block. But I was having issues with their online system due to the move back to the UK. I did see somewhere on here that I should state quebec as my residence for filing for the QC return. Is this right? A company can do the filing for me but want to charge 15% of the refund. Which is around $190 Any advice would be great. Thanks B.
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    Error when trying to pay with credit card

    Actually it's tomorrow midnight. Just checked CRA website
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    Your Website Is Not Loading

    It's not even saving properly. Even on the same form, only random lines are being saved while others are ignored.
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    net file

    I am replying to my own post because I solved the issue and it might be of interest to others. After five hours of emailing and phoning Ufile, I found a screen shot through google. It was amazing - right there I knew what the problem probably was. I did not have the five steps across the top of the page - the 5th one being netfile. I remembered it being there last year (same laptop and browser). I emailed ufile again and the response was that it was probably a browser incompatibility. Sure enough it was. I phoned a friend and had them go into my ufile account (different browser) and within minutes my netfile was completed and I had a confirmation number. Hope this helps someone and saves them hours of tension.
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    Unused Capital Losses

    Thanks a lot Gaetan. I knew it was there somewhere but I could not find it by myself. Mark
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    I have a rental and I bought a new stove. In ufile where do I input this as. Also if I install a new roof, is this considered operating cost or capital cost. How do I enter enter this expense in ufile
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    Lost file

    Hi, After completing and filing a tax return we cannot find the file on our harddrive. We are using the windows version of the tax return software. We searched the whole drive with *.u16 and could not find it. Is it possible to netfile the return, exit the program and not have the return saved to the hard drive? Henk
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    Capital gains and ABIL

    Could you provide the exact name of the section(s) you are referring to?
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    Hi, You may be eligible to claim moving expenses if, during the tax year, you move to be at least 40 kilometers closer to your your new place of work or business. Certain rules apply regarding the moving expenses incurred during the tax year, and we encourage you to carefully read the T1-M (as well as the TP-348 for residents of Quebec). You may consult the T1-M form via the following link: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t1-m/ We also recommend that you consult the websites of both the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec for more information. Website address for the CRA (federal): http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/lf-vnts/mvng/menu-eng.html Website address for Revenu Québec: http://www.revenuquebec.ca/en/citoyen/situation/demenagement/frais_demenagement.aspxIn In addition, if you want to use the simplified method to claim your travel expenses and meals, consult the following link: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/tpcs/ncm-tx/rtrn/cmpltng/ddctns/lns248-260/255/rts-eng.html To claim the moving expenses, please follow the steps below: 1. In the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab", select "Interview setup". 2. On the right-hand side, go to the "Other topics" group, check the box for "Moving Expenses" and click "Next" at the bottom of the page. 3. Return to the "Left-side menu on the Interview tab" and select the "Moving Expenses" and on the screen to the right, choose the appropriate option. Please note that moving expenses can only be claimed in respect of earned net income due to relocation. The deduction for moving expenses will be carried over by the program to line 219 of the federal return and, for Quebec residents, on line 228 of the Quebec return. Federal form T1-M and Quebec form TP-348 will be generated by the program.
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    Please contact the Support group as they may have to make a search in the payment logs UFile for Windows: support@ufile.ca
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    ON-BEN form not generating

    Hi qualteam, Please contact the Support group as they may have to see a copy of the file. UFile ONLINE: help@ufile.ca UFile for Windows: support@ufile.ca
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    UFILE 2016

    Hi isalazar, You can find the download links from 2008 to 2016 in our Community: http://community.ufile.ca/index.php?/topic/6243-download-links/
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    I don't even remember the answer to my security question.???? how can I create a new password???
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    Hi Marlene, You can use the program to make an adjustment on a tax return that has already been filed. On the "Interview setup" page, in the "Other" section, check off "Adjustment request for a tax return that has been filed" and click "Next". "Adjustment request" will appear in the left side menu. Click this option and select the form you need to fill out on the right-hand side of the page. You can also contact the CRA (or Revenu Quebec) to order the form that you will fill out and resubmit by mail or visit "My Account" at the CRA website (www.cra-arc.gc.ca/myaccount/) to complete the T1-ADJ Adjustment Request form online. If you are using the program, you will have to print out and mail the completed T1-ADJ plus copies of any relevant documents. You cannot transmit a T1-ADJ via NETFILE. The CRA will send you a new Notice of assessment after they have processed the adjustment.
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    My biggest complaint is the lack of assistance (i.e. non existent)
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    Problem with Auto-Fill

    Finding major problems with Ufile's autofill implementation: 1. As Newbie reported, pension income was lost completely until I manually entered that it was a registered plan; 2. A T5008 was created as Investment Income, when it should have been Capital Gains. Both of these had an impact of thousands of dollars. Both required more effort to find and fix than was saved, and I am now going to have to check all downloaded data line by line to make sure there are no other errors. My recommendation: Don't use autofill!
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    I had the same error, and after digging through previous years posts on this forum, I found a solution. Go to Control Panel -> Region -> Administrative tab -> press 'Change system locale' button in the 'Locale for non-Unicode programs' section and select French (Canada). The computer will need a restart, and the submissions should work afterwards. Good luck.
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    Problem with Auto-Fill

    I used auto-fill for my tax report. One T5008 form were retrieved from CRA for a transaction I have no memory of; I do not receive the same form by mail either. There's only proceeding amount, no cost amount in this form. After checking the auto-filled forms with the paper forms received via mail (all match, except the extra T5008 form), I checked the summary, it showed I owe 10K tax. I removed the T5008 form because I do not receive it on paper by mail, and checked the summary again, my tax owed reduced to 4K. I went on to buy the TurboTax for comparison. I had the same T5008 form via auto-fill as well. But in TurboTax, having or not having the T5008 form, my tax owed is about 4K. It seems TurboTax ignores the existence of the T5008 form.
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    Income tax paid by instalment

    Thanks for letting us know that a Support agent has guided you!
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    Lizbz I just got hit with the onben virus i agree with you although first time i ever had a problem with their software partly due to not using it much aside from simple t4 submissions. I can't even submit my tax return because i cant resolve onben.