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    Thank you, Cristina. It's really helpful.
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    Is Life insurance deductible?

    Nope. https://turbotax.intuit.ca/tips/deductible-life-insurance-premiums-285
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    Just had a very helpful email from the Ufile team. I went through their suggestions and checked and changed data as instructed. My page saved successfully and I was able to review our completed tax return. Thanks Ufile team and thanks Cristina for your input
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    I have downloaded Ufile 2017 (12) and have completed a return. When I click on Review it works fine but when I click on Tax Return the pages are blank. Everything is listed down the left side of the window but the actual return pages are all blank. I have tried all of support suggestions e.g.. (uninstall/reinstall) but nothing is working. I have used Ufile for a number of years and never had any problems. I also have Ufile 2015 and 2016 installed on my computer and they work fine. Is anyone else having this problem? Can somebody please help? Thank you
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    Warning message for dependant

    Hi, If the dependant doesn't need to produce a tax return, you can ignore the warning and send your tax returns.
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    at-home-expenses total amounts?

    I think you need to put the total expense amount and the program will calculate based on the 15% of the space that you use for business purposes. That's what I did anyways. And you can double check the results in the "Review" section once you have all the information in. Good luck!
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    UFile program won't open after update

    Hello carone, Some times changing the browser will solve the issue.
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    T4 with zero income

    I have the same problem and reported it to Ufile support. You should do the same. A simple workaround is to enter the same amount as in box 18 into box 24. It will let you net file. It will calculate return correctly, refunding you the EI paid. Awaiting a response from Ufile support....if any. Good luck.
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    SK Tution tax credit

    Yes, please see the screenshot and specifically ''Portion to transfer provincially''. Since your spouse had selected Transfer to spouse, it means transfer to Family head, UFile will apply the designated portion to federal and the other one for the provincial.
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    mike and Karen

    Return Rejected

    I have seen this post and i'm in the same situation....has anyone provided help for this? I'm so disappointed in this purchase, definitely will be using something else next year. I found the interview confusing to use, and can't figure out why there would be a message stating that the file was "rejected" while providing me with a "The tax return was successfully transmitted to the CRA on:" and a confirmation number. Help file does not provide any insights, forums include topics from many years past (which are of no help.) I guess i'm supposed to take some time off work in order to call support because they are only available during working hours. I'll surely guide anyone away from getting this product.
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    Oops, Something has gone wrong

    Yes, I have the same problem... Honestly I'm getting sick of this freaked app. Every time I'm trying to sign in I have a problem. Unfortunately, it seems that Ufile is better than any other tax app on the market but with this CONSTANT sign in glitches I'm running out of my patience.
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    I agree their customer service sure leaves something to be desired! Most of the time it seems they just reply with links they hope will be relevant, so they don’t actually have to do the actual work of typing out a personal reply, but the links are almost never remotely relevant. I found it helpful to publicly post here about it, it got them proactive to actually figure out the problem, which is a definite improvement from previous years when they made it almost impossible to contact them, and if you actually found a way, you wouldn’t get a response anyway, even after trying multiple times. If they’re not interested in providing real help though, I think it would work a lot better to just have a help forum, where users could maybe get a little credit toward their fees by answering other users’ questions, or even just get a little credit by having the best answer, awarded by the asker. I’m sure other users would feel more inclined to help than most of the people working in their customer service department! I did get my issue figured out, but it wasn’t really because of their help, and it could have all been avoided if ufile would have shown me the error prior to filing, and then accurately described the error as well, it really was a simple mistake and easy to fix, I just couldn’t sort out their gibberish to figure it out. I still somewhat prefer ufile, just because I know it, and the return calculations tend to come in higher than TurboTax. I set up TurboTax for my sister and her family because it’s more user friendly, and she really needs that, but like H&R Block, they just seem to be in the government’s pocket, their returns are always calculated lower than ufile, and it’s not because ufile is calculating incorrectly, we’ve never had CRA take issue with ufile’s calculations, and we’ve been using ufile since 2010. If they made more improvements I would be a lot more proactive about recommending it to others.
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    I am trying to download my information from CRA and I am receiving the following error : the method or operation is not implemented. I tried using chrome and edge and still have the same problem on both browsers. I also deleted my browsing history with no success. why? Thanks
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    CEC at December 31, 2016 is converted to class 14.1 for 2017. The CRA says that the transitional rules are to allow 7% (rather than the 5% for class 14.1). Further, you can deduct the greater of opening UCC @ 7% or $500. However, I can not see anyway to change the amount of CCA from the 5% calculated. What am I missing?
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    I am experiencing the same issue. Have tried three browsers, my tablet, and a laptop.
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    Tax Return Won't Display

    Problem solved for (#4) Tax Return pages are blank. Windows Theme must be in Windows 7....mine was Classic View. When I changed it to Windows 7 view everything worked great.
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    I'm repeatedly getting this error message. I am not sure where else to report the amount in box 020 as self employment income. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    UFILE 2016

    Hi isalazar, You can find the download links from 2008 to 2016 in our Community: http://community.ufile.ca/index.php?/topic/6243-download-links/
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    My biggest complaint is the lack of assistance (i.e. non existent)
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    Problem with Auto-Fill

    Finding major problems with Ufile's autofill implementation: 1. As Newbie reported, pension income was lost completely until I manually entered that it was a registered plan; 2. A T5008 was created as Investment Income, when it should have been Capital Gains. Both of these had an impact of thousands of dollars. Both required more effort to find and fix than was saved, and I am now going to have to check all downloaded data line by line to make sure there are no other errors. My recommendation: Don't use autofill!
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    I had the same error, and after digging through previous years posts on this forum, I found a solution. Go to Control Panel -> Region -> Administrative tab -> press 'Change system locale' button in the 'Locale for non-Unicode programs' section and select French (Canada). The computer will need a restart, and the submissions should work afterwards. Good luck.
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    Problem with Auto-Fill

    I used auto-fill for my tax report. One T5008 form were retrieved from CRA for a transaction I have no memory of; I do not receive the same form by mail either. There's only proceeding amount, no cost amount in this form. After checking the auto-filled forms with the paper forms received via mail (all match, except the extra T5008 form), I checked the summary, it showed I owe 10K tax. I removed the T5008 form because I do not receive it on paper by mail, and checked the summary again, my tax owed reduced to 4K. I went on to buy the TurboTax for comparison. I had the same T5008 form via auto-fill as well. But in TurboTax, having or not having the T5008 form, my tax owed is about 4K. It seems TurboTax ignores the existence of the T5008 form.
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    UB2467197 My deepest sympathies to you Lizbz. I've been trying to get this program working since yesterday. Made a special trip to purchase it and then spent the entire day loading, uninstalling and loading. Initial program from CD executed. Once thee update was applied would no longer execute. I tried downloading the online file and it never would execute. Tried a repair and gave me Error Code 1612. And I did ask for help 4 times. Still no response and the supposed phone lines do not exist. I had always liked this program and have used it for at least 3 years. But this is ridiculous. I have no more time for it. Leaving now to get another program and get rid of this one. Good luck with getting your money back. I'm glad I decided to buy it at the store.
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    I feel for you as I am going through a somewhat similar routine on my issue UF509525. At least I have gotten email responses from a John in Customer Service but the first time it did not look like he even read my the details of my issue and questions, and then the next couple of emails were still not answers to my question. I think some of their customer service folks have been mistakenly but in that department. If they bothered to actually understand the issue and then provide a relevant response they would save their customers a lot of anxiety.
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    Lizbz I just got hit with the onben virus i agree with you although first time i ever had a problem with their software partly due to not using it much aside from simple t4 submissions. I can't even submit my tax return because i cant resolve onben.