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  1. Hello, I filed a joint return for my wife and I. In the process of working out the returns we tested each one to see who benefited best from claiming the Manitoba Fertility Treatment tax credit. First I entered the amount on my return, then I tried it on hers. Her's was better so I deleted the form from my return.....so I thought. My return appeared to caculate correctly, the amount showed that I owed - I usually do. Everything seemed right. I filed my return, a couple weeks later I received an assessment and next thing I know they want to give me a $2500 return. I looked it over and for some reason they were applying the tax credit to both of our returns. I called them up to see why, I knew it was a mistake. They couldn't figure it out either but confirmed that it is a mistake and now I need to file a T1-ADJ to correct it. It wasn't until after that I reviewed my return that I noticed on line 6146 of the Mantiba Tax Credit form that even though the end balance showed $0, it still showed my original claim amount that I entered for the MB Fertility tax credit, even though I deleted it. So, even though my return still calculated correctly before filing, that amount showed up on line 6146 and they took that as though I was trying to claim it but assumed I miscaculated it, and tried to apply the credit to my return. All the while it was already claimed on my wife's return. Anyways, long story short, I'm not sure if I did something wrong or if there is a glitch in the system but that amount that I deleted should not have shown up anywhere. Ufile was not calculating it in the return, as the amount I filed for was correct. Only after the assessment when they saw that amount in that line did they adjust the return to calculate it in there. Just thought I would mention it, just in case there is a bug in the system that might need to get tweaked. If it's not you, and it's me - let me know what I did wrong so I don't do it again. Otherwise, I really like the service. It's been great to me for many years and I plan to continue to use Ufile. Take care, Rob
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