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  1. Hi, I rent out a house and last year I had an issue with my former tenants. Long story short they still owe $2,000 for rent. I have taken them to court this year and won but have yet to collect the rent. So my question is how do I handle this on my 2014 taxes? Do I just not claim the income but still claim the expenses incurred for that month or is there a way to actually claim a loss of income? Related to this, when I go to file my 2015 taxes, if I have been able to recover some or all of this from them, how do I go about claiming that? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks Gabriel, FYI I contacted the CRA and the agent said that he didn't have anything specific that says a cell phone (or portion of) could be claimed. Potentially it could fall under the Office Expenses, but that could be denied if you were audited, as it would be hard to prove what portion is used for the rental properties and what portion is personal use...
  3. Hi Gabriel, thank you for your reply but I have already looked through that link and I don't see any thing specific to deducting things like a cell phone and how to calculate the portion of it. Do you have any other advice? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi, I have two rental properties and I am aware of the deductions such as mileage, utilities, interest, etc... that I can claim, but I was wondering what other expenses can I deduct? Mind you I don't have a home office but am I able to claim things like a portion of my cell phone bill, since all of my communication with my tenants is done via this phone or through email. If so how do I calculate the percentage I can claim? Thanks!
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