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    T4A and no income

    Thank you!
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    T4A and no income

    I am declaring taxes with my partner, myself as head of the family. I have non-taxable T4A-105 Scholarship income, whereas my partner has taxable income. At the end of the interview, UFile says, You have no income to report. If you wish to use NetFile, the government requires you to confirm that you have no income by ticking box I had no income from any source in 2012 on the Interview setup page. So according to UFile, I must simultaneously declare that I have no income and I have T4A income. From what I can tell, UFile has ignored all the T4A Scholarship income, since it is not being added to line 130. My interpretation of this is that since I am eligible for the full tuition amount, this scholarship is not declared on line 130. Since it is not declared, I officially have no income... and therefore 'no income' and 'T4A income' are not mutually exclusive in the Interview stage. Can anyone confirm this is the case? Thanks for any help.
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