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  1. I seem to have a contradiction here: The assembly instructions state: "You only need to send to CRA those pages with [CRA] printed on the top right hand corner". My Schedule 1 does NOT have CRA printed on the corner, but it says "Complete this schedule and attach a copy to your return". So, does the CRA need it or not?
  2. Are you suggesting that the income i made while I was not a resident should not be entered in the TP1? The statement of world income has entries for all of the income made during the time I was not a resident. Hence the re-entry.
  3. I am filling out the "Statement of world income" since I was away for part of the year. In it, I reenter the income I made during that time. At the end, however, it adds the (same) income I declared in my T1 schedules, effectively doubling the income during that time, so that my net world income is way too large. This in turn affects the credits I'm allowed, e.g. on my quebec form. What is going wrong here? Should I not have declared that taxable income on the T1?
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