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  1. As I understand it, any taxable portion of a scholarship should be considered employment income on Schedule 6 with regards to WITB. I have entered income in box 028. On the Federal worksheet it is shown as a taxable portion, yet no Schedule 6 was produced. Why?
  2. It is hard for me to answer this question without seeing the actual tax return. I can tell you that the fact that you are receiving the full transfer amount doe not prove anything. Her benefit is much more than that. Look at her Schedule 11 which will tell you if she is using any of it. Dovid Z Lando
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    Hi Gabriel, Looking forward to purchasing my Ufile Pro one of these days. However, there is one important feature missing from Ufile Pro, and I dont understand why that is so. Why don't you allow efiling of the T1013. CRA really encourages that this form be efiled. It speeds up the filing period from 20 days to 4. I know that DTMax offers this service, but as a small business, with around 60 returns, I really dont need DTMax. Any idea if this feature will be added?
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