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  1. From going through to a completed return, it appears the problem is that ufile online is treating any T4A slips (and amounts re-entered on box 048 on the T2125 form (e.g. #6))) as amounts that are distinct from the gross professional income entered in line D on the final T2125 form. For simple cases this works out (with the trick of forcing a 0 into the gross professional income box) as the box 048 income is added back in on line 8230 under "other income". However, the guide for the T2125 (the T4002) makes no statement or guidance about including in other income items from T4A's (it makes no comment either way). This is incompatible with complex cases involving excluding work-in-progress. There are work arounds but they eliminate the ability to net-file. They also produce final returns that while they have the correct final #, they also have incorrect intermediate steps. PAHTDC
  2. Hi, Is ufile online is correctly configured to handle situations where someone with professional income (e.g. a T4A with entries in box 028) has claimed in a previous tax year some of that income? E.g. I received cash this year, and a T4A, but it included amounts for both services rendered last tax year (2011 - and claimed on the 2011 return) and this tax year (2012). To put it in madeup #s: Earned $900 in 2011, $100 in 2012, paid $1000 of cash in 2012 and given a T4A with $1000 for 2012. Claimed $900 of income in 2011 tax year, attempting to have ufile online report only the $100 of taxable income for 2012 tax year, and be able to net file. This appears to be a case where I should report a work-in-progress amount at the beginning of the fiscal period, representing the amount of income claimed in 2011 tax year, but for which i have not yet been paid the cash. A work-in-progress amount at the end of the fiscal year would be 0 (no overlap from 2012 into 2013). My numbers work out only if i exactly reverse this, claiming the amount which has been previously included in income as a work-in-progress at the *end* of the fiscal period, and 0 for the work-in-progress at the beginning of the fiscal period. Naturally doing so means that I can not netfile as "Your tax return contains negative entries on lines where they are not permitted for NetFile purposes". Can you confirm whether this is a bug / explain why the labels actually make sense, and suggest any workarounds that would support being able to net file? Thanks PAHDTC
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