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  1. Don't confuse EFile with Netfile. As a registered Efiler you are authorized to prepare and file a client's tax return with UFile pro. If you use UFile for Windows you can prepare someone's tax return but each client is required to Netfile the return themselves. If you Netfile for a client you are breaking the CRA rules for Netfiling. As a registered Efiler you should know this.
  2. Open your file. At top left click on "File". Select "Save as". Change the file name to "Test.u18" Use this file to experiment with without affecting your actual file.
  3. thetut

    Line 119

    About midway in your T4A is a line "Other Information". Click on the small triangle to the right of the empty box just below it and several choices appear. One of these choices is line 119.
  4. thetut

    t4 box 84

    Found this on Google ; http://support.drtax.ca/kb/faqs-web-english/source/webpages/kpa390-20140305143526de.htm See if it's still valid.
  5. thetut

    File name error

    Since the last update the file name is saved with 2015 in the name instead of 2016. This causes confusion for users when scanning the documents folder for different years tax files. The file suffix is correct eg .u16
  6. It only affects the 2015 program. I have contacted support@ufile.ca and received instructions on how to send the file for their examination. I followed their instructions 3 times and each time I receive the same instructions in reply. To date I have no idea if it was received or not or if they even care. Thankfully the error was caught by Canada Revenue and they issued a payment for the credit. I just wish that the 2015 program was fixed so that my records match Revenue Canada's.
  7. I have just received a reassessment for my 2015 taxes from Revenue Canada stating that I am due a refund. The error is in the form T1032 - Step 5 - Line 1 for the Transferee. The program did not transfer "Total tax deducted from all your slips" amount to line 1. This resulted in a lower amount transferred to Line 437. If you have not received a reassessment due to this error check your 2015 return and if affected file a T1 adjustment form.
  8. The help file (?) for this question in "Revenu Quebec questions" points to the French version help file even though I am using Ufile for Windows in English.
  9. thetut

    change of resdience

    As far as I know, if you were not a Quebec resident on December 31, 2015 you do not file a Quebec tax return. See http://www.revenuquebec.ca/en/citoyen/declaration/produire/devez_vous.aspx You should contact Revenu Quebec about reclaiming the withheld amount.
  10. I inadvertently ticked the box that states that a dependant had no income forgetting that she had GST/QST rebates from a previous year. The program caught the error and asked to return to the Interview section to untick that box. However when I go to that section the line that states "I had no Income" is missing so I cannot make the correction. Apparently you only get one chance to make the right decision. How do I proceed? Never mind. I deleted the dependant and entered all her carry forward data by hand.
  11. Thanks Gabriel. It turns out that Rev. Quebec made a mistake. The credit only kicks in only after $5000.00 and I declared $4900.00 so the program rightly did not create a line 391 entry. I also receive company pension benefits on an RL-1 which I declared as not eligible for worker credit. Somehow Rev. Quebec added the 2 totals to pass the threshold of $5000.00 and allowed the credit in my assessment.
  12. I missed this deduduction because in the "Interview" section under "Quebec Credits" the statement reads: "Quebec line 391 - Income you earned before turning 65" Should it not read: "Quebec line 391 - Income you earned after turning 65"
  13. RussC, Thanks for your confirmation. I have also used the same method as you which was the norm up to this year's addition of the new page. I agree that it is an obvious flaw in the design and it begs the question as to what kind of testing is done before rolling out updates. I notice that many posts that show errors in the program are met with a wall of silence. This long delay in answers will probably steer me away from this product in the future.
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