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  1. Line 6014 of the Climate Action Incentive Form asks "Do you reside outside of a census metropolitan area as defined by Statistics Canada?". Based on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_census_metropolitan_areas_and_agglomerations_in_Canada (and not the dead link provided on the form), I would say that I do not, as North Bay is a CA but not an CMA. Where do I answer that question inside UFile, or is it being determined by my address?
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    First time filer

    I spoke to the help desk as well and was advised to submit the file manually. When you do so, you are asked for the full first and second names, which must match the SIN card. It worked for me.
  3. I just phoned the help line and was advised to submit manually. I entered my son's full first and second names and the file was accepted.
  4. My children used the online version with the code available from the Federation of Students so were not part of my family unit. I did not want to have to re-do their return and potentially have it count against my total. I suspect that if they were part of my unit, the transfer would have been seamless.
  5. Well, it turned out not to be hard! There is an add another button at the bottom right of the section that will allow additional amounts to be entered.
  6. That link clearly indicates that the maximum amount transferred from each child is $5000. I used the Click-To-Call service to talk to a Revenue Canada agent who confirmed this. So, if I have two children transferring, there should be a way to include up to $10,000. I cannot see how to do that with uFile.
  7. I have two children transferring federal tuition credits to me. These individually do not exceed $5000 but collectively do. If I enter more than $5000, I get an error. If I try to add a second form, I am told the maximum number of forms is 1. This seems like a bug to me. How do I enter amounts from two children?
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