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  1. Well, after 6 attempts to install UFile 2007 (then subsequently uninstalling), I finally found the problem. In spite of UFiles' CVITP FAQ comments, UFile 2006 to 2008 won't work with IE8 or IE9. The software will only work with IE7. UFile, please update your CVITP FAQ, as it says UFile 2003 to 2005 will only work with IE7. But, this also applies to UFile 2006 to UFile 2008.
  2. Thanks for the report back, re 2007. This is now the 4th download, after I followed your link above. Again, it crashed. Now what?
  3. I'm hoping you can help. I coordinate the CVITP for the Penticton & Area Women's Centre and we do numerous multiple years of Returns and I have all the activation Keys from CRA and installed 2006-2012 on one computer. However, I can't get beyond first page for 2007, then it crashes. I've uninstalled 3 times, removing any reference to ufile 2007 on the computer, then downloaded and re-installed. To no avail. Other options? I went online to ufile the other day and used the free online that this is such a labour-intensive process, when I get multiple years of Returns to complete. Hope you can help, Brigid
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