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  1. My daughter turned 18 last year, so i just deleted her from my dependent list and want to start a new file for her. please can anyone tell me how to do it?
  2. got it right, this time, thanks a lot!!!!
  3. Hi, I can't netfile my return, here is the error message: You entered an invalid NAICS (North American industry classification system) code for a business (self-employment). Click here to fix or a T5013/T5013A slip. When i "Click here to fix ", it took me to Rental Income page, but there is no field to put NAICS. the only page requires NAICS is Self-employee income page, but i used the same code last year, it was fine. Anyway, i changed to a new code but the message still there. Please let me know how to fix it. By the way, where do i find T5013 slip? Thanks, Joy
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