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    I have just purchased Ufile Pro and was extremely disappointed that I cannot electronically submit T1013s - will there be an upgrade this year to allow this? If not, how are others submitting these to CRA - is there an alternative electronically submission rather than mail?
  2. anne365

    MAC users

    thank you Gabriel, but I did see this posted prior to asking my question, which is already noted in my query - I was just curious as to the ones who were able to use the program using a Mac (with the bootcamp addition for windows) and what they thought of it - I do not intend to use ONLINE, was wanting to use Ufile for Windows
  3. anne365

    MAC users

    am contemplating using this program but am also in search of a new computer and seem to be getting steered toward a Mac. I see Macs do not support the program, but apparently Macs can have something added to be windows usable. Just wondered if anyone out there has a Mac and what your opinion is of the product using a Mac?
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