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  1. Hi Gaetan, I can't view in my ufile 2017 the "tax return" all I can do is print or save it as a pdf. I want to review the pages without doing this. The bookmarks on the left side of the page but not the individual pages to show the tax return in the viewer. Can you please help? Thank you

  2. Thanks for the response. However, as I stated, I am a non-resident who works in Canada on a temporary basis. I earn income in only ONE province. Ufile automatically generates a T2203 for multiple province allocation even though I only have one T4 with income allocated to one province. On submission to the CRA, they ignore the T2203 and invoke the non-resident...

    1. Antoine7


      Hello denicrr,

      Given the particularity of your situation, we suggest that you send your request to the UFile Support Team.

    2. denicrr


      I did...9/27/17 (UB2363599)  Still waiting for a response. I sent another inquiry 1/9/18 (UB2385825)

      Waiting on that response, as well.

  3. Hello denicrr, Form T2203, "Provincial and Territorial Taxes for 2017 - Multiple Jurisdictions" is generated automatically by the program, based on provincial allocations. For residents of Quebec, form TP-22 will also be generated by the program. For residents of other jurisdictions who have offices in Quebec, the TP-25 will be generated by the program. For more information on the T2203, please consult the following link: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/t2203/ If you earned income in provinces other than your province of residence, you must enter the percentage
  4. Hi Falcon, Schedule 7 is used to calculate refundable portion of Part I tax, aggregate investment income and income from an active business carried on in Canada for the small business deduction. To generate Schedule 7 in UFile T2, please follow the steps below: 1.In the left section of your screen click on the section "Income source". 2.In the drop down menu select "Other property income" and enter the information concerning the income from other property on the right hand side of the screen. Schedule 7 will then be available on the Tax return tab in the client copy.
  5. Hi, Don't worry, you will not be asked to pay again.
  6. Hello Aahuja, The version that will allow you to send a December 2017 year end will be available next week. Thank you for your patience.
  7. Hi Walter, Please contact the Support group as they may have to see a copy of the file. UFile ONLINE: help@ufile.ca UFile for Windows: support@ufile.ca
  8. Hello sarracenia, You wish to designate unused RRSP contributions made during the first 60 days of the tax year as repayment for your Home Buyers' Plan (HBP), which is authorized by the CRA. You also contributed to your RRSP during the rest of the tax year. However, the program allows only the entry of the total balance of unused contributions as shown on line B of the taxpayer's Notice of Assessment. Moreover, federal Schedule 7 contains no line to indicate the unused contributions made in the first 60 days of the tax year that you wish to designate as a repayment unde
  9. Hi everybody, If you’re experiencing issues because of Silverlight, please try accessing UFile T2 in a different web browser. We recommend the latest version of Internet Explorer. Please take note that UFile T2 does not work with Edge.
  10. Hello One thought, Depending of their income in the last years, the software will use the necessary credits for each year. We suggest that you contact the CRA at 1-800-959-7383 for more information.
  11. Hello eastside, Certain criteria’s are required in order to use UFile T2. For more information about "Who can use UFile T2" and the list of the support forms, please view the link below. Who can use UFile T2 http://www.ufile.ca/products/who-can-use-ufilet2 Supported forms http://www.drtax.ca/en/ufilet2/features-t2/forms-t2.aspx UFile T2 does not support Non-profit organization However, we do offer DT Max, our professional line of software, that is designed to help you prepare these types of tax returns. For more information on DT Max, please consult
  12. Hi Soundscape, Please contact the Support group as they may have to see a copy of the file. UFile ONLINE: help@ufile.ca
  13. Hi, In order to enter information about your current year additions, follow the steps below: Please note that the land is not depreciable property. Therefore when you acquire rental property, only include the cost of the building. Your rental property may belong to class 1, 3, 6, 31 or 32, depending on what the building is made of and the date you acquire it, please visit the link provided at the end of this document. 1- In the "Left side menu on the Interview tab", select the item "Rental income" and choose the subsection "CCA". 2- Choose the option that corresponds t
  14. Hi, The help menu at the left of "Maintenance and repairs (related to the units rented only)" says: Are you unsure whether a given expense is a capital expenditure or a current expense? Look at it this way: Is it improvement or maintenance? Improvement implies that the property is somehow upgraded. Maintenance is meant to return the building, room or other component to its original state or function. Improvements are capital expenditures, whereas maintenance repairs are current expenses. It's up to you to decide whether or not these are maintenance or improvement expenses.
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