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  1. I was talking about UFile online, not the PC version. This is the UFile Online forum, after all. I want to know how do I know, once I log in to UFile, if it has been updated. Ideally, I would like to get an email telling me the problem has been solved, since I don't want to waste time logging in and testing the Charity page every day to see if the bug has been fixed.
  2. Whenever I navigate away from the Canadian Charitable Donations page, I cannot get any "add another" entries to be saved. (This is true regardless of whether I click on the "save" link or not.) Also, when clicking "add another" multiple times, the follow-on questions ("Enter the Quebec amount if different" and "Specify the nature of the donation.") end up in all bunched together.
  3. When will Ufile Online be available for 2013 returns? I would like to start entering data now, as I have many of my info slips already.
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