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  1. sheny


    Is there any link for reset password ?
  2. sheny


    I can't carry forward 2015 tax file, because after so long time I can't remember the password any more. How can reset the protection password again ?
  3. I've already filed tax return to both gouvenements. But yesteday the new owner of our old house (sold last year) called me for some letters received. I went there to pick up them and noticed that there are T3 and correct information from Bank. I'd like to know how can I add supplementary information to amend filed tax return? Should I inform Revenu Canada/Quebec immediately or have to want to receive noticement and than do correction ? which forms should I fill out to Thanks for answer.
  4. sheny

    vision french

    Thank you very much.
  5. sheny

    vision french

    She don't have CD, because it's benn bought online.
  6. sheny

    vision french

    My friend bought Ufile for window online. She want to use french, how can she do ? There is not selection for chose french .
  7. I'd like to know how to enter when we sold our principal residence in 2014 ? I heard it should fill T-2091 (federal ) and TP-274 (Quebec), but can't find these forms by Ufile.
  8. Could you tell me where to enter the direct deposit information ? can't find it by "interview". Thanks !
  9. sheny

    CCA results

    I bought a house for rental last year. By calculating the CCA, I selected application of the half year rule. But the result shows the deducted value is 4% of the original value. I think it should be 50% of this value (2%) for the first year ? How can correct this error ? Thank you.
  10. Thank you very much for your response. The problem is he resided in Ontario on December 31st of the tax year. I’ve asked the accounting here for the question and was told he must report for Quebec Revenue as he is our dependant. But, on other hand, as he is a student at Waterloo University, his T2202A and T4 all from Ontario, his taxes report of federal is combined with Ontario and can’t be changed for Quebec, I tried. Anyway, I decide to do his report provincial (Quebec) manually to fit both federal and provincial requirement. I don’t if somebody else has the same problem?
  11. Just tried, by changing his address to Quebec, "Quebec drug insurance plan" appared on the page “Quikclik Navigator”, but we lost all the forms for reporting taxes of Ontario. My son is 2nd year`s student at University of Waterloo. How can I do in this case? Appreciate a lot for your advice.
  12. If I change his address from Ontario to Quebec, I`m not sure the taxe report form of Ontario will be generated for him. Because he also has to report taxes for Ontario.
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