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  1. Jason

    Childrens T4A (P)

    You'd claim this under each of your children. For each child, under the "dependent ID", say yes to "Did this dependent have any income in 2015". Next, under the "interview setup", you can check off "pension income". Finally, you'll be able to click on "pension income, T4A, Split pension" on the left hand side, then add the T4A(P) there.
  2. Jason

    Disability Tax Credit for spouse

    Not sure if you figured this out or not, but if you go to the Infirm/Disability section under your son, there is a box to select "Who should claim any unused disability amount for this dependent" where you can choose you or your husband.
  3. Jason

    Disability Tax Credit for spouse

    Thank you, Bretonix. That solved it!
  4. Hi all. Filing a return for a couple with ufile for windows. Husband has a T2201 on file, and it is entered under his medical section in the interview ("are you elegible for the disability amount on line 316"). When going to efile the return, I am given a warning under the wife's return stating "You have to confirm that CRA has an approved T2201 for the spouse on your account. Click here to fix". Clicking on the link brings me to a blank page on the wife's return. How do I correct this error? Thanks, Jason