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  1. Jason

    efile error

    I'm sorry to hear that this problem is persisting for a couple of you! I think it would be best to send an email to UFile's support (support@ufile.ca) and let them know what error you are getting. They'll send you instructions on how to send them a copy of your return so that they can see the specific errors you are getting.
  2. Jason

    efile error

    There should be a link next to the error message saying "click here to fix" or something like that. Clicking on that link will bring you to the page where you need to confirm for the spouse / dependent. At the bottom of that page, there is a drop down box next to the questions to confirm their net income is nill - just select "yes" for the pertinent case. Seems to be a new requirement from CRA this year - I don't remember ever seeing this in the past!
  3. In the QuickClick navigator, near the bottom there is a link for "Refund or Balance Owing". Once you click on this, there is a section for "start direct deposit" where you can update your direct deposit information. One thing to note is that if you wish to make changes to your direct deposit situation, you will NOT be able to netfile your return. You can go to the CRA's website for more information about how to set up direct deposit: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/directdeposit/
  4. If you don't want to (or are not permitted) to netfile your return, you can select "federal tax return" in the print menu. That'll print off all that you need to send in by mail. Don't forget to included copies of your T4's and other T-slips, as well as other required supporting documentation for your claim.
  5. UFile will automatically calculate the maximum amount of donations that you can use towards your return, and you will be able to carryforward the remainder next year. You will be able to see the amounts on the "summary of carryforward amounts" page under the tax return tab in ufile. If you would like to manually have UFile not claim the donations on your T4, you can go to Donations/political contributions > Sharing donations between spouses and Optimization of donations, then select Claim specified amount. Enter the amount of donations to claim on this return. This amount must be less
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