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  1. Proceed as follows to enter your non-capital loss from previous years: 1) in the Interview setup page, locate Other topics - click Losses of prior years, carrybacks - click Next 2) in the Left menu, locate Losses of prior years and carrybacks - click it - click on the + to the right of Non capital losses of other years 3) enter your non-capital loss in the relevant year Should you want to limit the losses to be used enter the amount in Limit to non-capital losses to be applied this year. A Non capital loss CF (Federal) schedule will be present in your Tax Return tab. UFile will carry-forward any unused loss to the following year.
  2. Hello, When you say that your wife's professional business was listed in Quebec, I understand that you probably entered a business address in Quebec. You need to enter also the "Province and percentage of business earned outside your province of residence" in the Income, expenses page (bottom of the page). In your wife's situation you will select Quebec 100%. UFile will then generate a Quebec return which will comprise form TP-25. The Quebec return will be eligible for NetFile Quebec. The federal return will need to be filed on paper because of the T2203, Multiple jurisdiction form.
  3. Hello, You should consult Guide RC4065, Medical expenses http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tg/rc4065/rc4065-15e.pdf You will find the answers to your questions on pages 5 through 9. In particular a person staying in a nursing home requires either an approved T2201 form or a certification from a medical practitioner (see chart on page 7). When it comes to claiming the expenses a person without a T2201 is not able to claim more money than a person with a T2201. The person with a T2201 has a choice - claim the disability amount ($7,899 in 2015) and up to $10,000 in expenses (when applicable) - or claim the full amount of expenses If in doubt about the specific situation of the person for whom you prepare the return you should contact CRA.
  4. Bretonix

    T3 and T5008

    Did you receive a T5008 report from your broker or did you receive the T5008 slips after using the CRA Auto-fill function?
  5. As you have a full time nanny she is considered your employee and, as her employer, you have to remit the employer's part of CPP and EI contributions (QPP, EI, RQAP and HSF if you live in Quebec). The employer's part is an expense to be added to the salary of the nanny. It is better to spread the overall cost of the nanny over your three children rather than entering the whole cost in one child. You use the "Babysitter" option in the Child care section of each child. As your children are under 4 years old, the maximum amount of child care expenses you can claim is $24,000 ($8,000 per child).
  6. The address in the Current address page is the postal address. "Yes" should be selected for the question "Your address changed since last year's return?" In the Solidarity page, - If the postal address is the address of the seniors residence the answer for the Principal residence question is "Yes". - If not, answer "No" and provide the address of the seniors residence.
  7. UFile is incorrect as it should ask for the ex-spouse Net income from January 1st up to the date of separation, i.e. beginning of March in your situation. The income of the spouse for the whole year applies only in the reverse situation, i.e. the two persons became spouses or common-law partners in the year.
  8. You should find the explanation by looking at your son's Schedule 11 and provincial equivalent.
  9. Also be careful as your trading summary normally shows Buys as well as Sells. Buys must not be reported in your tax return. The summary is right in saying T5008 as T5008 is the way to report ALL your transactions to CRA. For further information you might want to consult the following publication T4091 T5008 Guide - Return of Securities Transactions 2015 http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tg/t4091/README.html
  10. Generally such an exchange triggers a "deemed disposition" of the shares held in Company A. The ACB of the Company B shares is the Fair Market Value (FMV) of Company B shares on the date of the exchange. However there are situations when there is no deemed disposition and the capital gain is realized when you sell Company B shares. As an investor in Company A you should have received a document explaining the tax consequences of the exchange for Canadain investors. If not call the Investors relations department of Company B.
  11. When filing the Quebec return, the Notice of assessment number from the previous year is required only when one of the following situations occurs - your address is not the same as last year (as indicated in your Current address page) - you entered Direct deposit information related to Quebec
  12. The problem cannot be fixed in UFile ONLINE as the Carry-forward from 2014 to 2015 was done for all clients in mid-January when the problem existed. The only solution for ONLINE users is not to enter the amount of "cumulative tuition fees fro your 2014 notice of assessment or notice of reassessment" and check the T1005 form in the Return tab.
  13. You enter your transactions in the Capital gains section / Stocks, mutual funds The data required is - Description - Date of disposition - Total proceeds - Adjusted cost base (ACB) - Expenses in disposition UFile will do the calculations, - capital gain when Proceeds greater than (ACB plus Expenses) - capital loss when Proceeds less than (ACB plus Expenses)
  14. Bretonix

    T5008_box 13 (usd)

    You need to convert the amounts in your T5008 from USD to CAD. You should use the exchange rate as of the settlement date of the transaction.
  15. Bretonix

    T3 and T5008

    Form T5008 is used to report all your transactions to CRA. Use your T3 or T5 slips instead. Use the Capital gains section to report disposition of property. T5008 - investment income is used only to report interest.
  16. Use "Neither tenant nor owner" which will prevent the calculation of the Dwelling component. For next year we shall add a "Non admissible" situation.
  17. The cost of all your tools must be greater than $1,146.00 for an amount to be generated on Line 1770. You must have entered the employment income in the Tradespeople page. All calculations are shown in page 3 of the T777 under Line 1770.
  18. The questions pertaining to Schedule 1-A - Family tax cut are always in the Controls page of the "Family Head". All you have to do is to select "Yes" for the question pertaining to the line(s) mentionned in the Messages diagnostic(s). You must also select "Yes" to confirm that you had a child under the age of 18. The child must be in the family file. Note that these questions have been imposed on all software developers by CRA.
  19. Bretonix

    T5008, Schedule 3

    It is best to use the Capital gains section as ther are more options to use from. Note that the T5008 is only a way to report all your transactions to CRA.
  20. The word "dependant" is totally misleading. I prefer to use "other person" in the family. If your son continues to live in your home, keep him in the family file. His return will be free. If he moves away he needs a separate file as UFile does not support a separate address for an other person. He will have to pay for his return. You might then want to consider using UFile for Windows. Note that UFile ONLINE is always a "Family version". The only difference with regard to pricing is whether there is a "spouse" who is filing a return.
  21. Bretonix

    claiming UCCB

    Precision: The Net Income to consider is before applying Child care expenses.
  22. All you need to know is whether the long term care facility is a public facility or a private one. 1) Public facility You use the ON-BEN - Declaration for Public long-term care home. Line 6123 will then be populated. 2) Private facility You use the ON-BEN - Declaration for tenants, (including a private long-term care home) Line 6110 will then be populated.
  23. Reporting your TFSA is not part your T1 Income tax and benefits return. It is up to the institution which is holding your TFSA account to report your contributions to CRA. You have nothing to enter in UFile.
  24. As I understand your text you are using your e-mail address as your User name. You cannot have two or more identical User name. This was never allowed in the past. The only thing you might have been able to do was to erase the data of one family and enter the data for another family. UFile now prevents this to be done as none of the members in the new family will be able to file their return.. In any case using one's e-mail address is a very poor idea as people change e-mail providers and do not keep track of their former e-mail addresses; they are then unable to access their UFile account in subsequent years. I recommend the use of your name (or a nickname) and a suffix when you have multiple accounts to create.
  25. The warnings are only to draw your attention to the situation. They do not prevent you from filing electronically, federal and Quebec.
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