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  1. Some precision is in order. The UFile program is the same for everybody (Consumer, PRO, CVITP). The download link is the same. What makes the difference is the Activation key you add to the program after installation. You install UFile once and once only on a given computer. Here is again the text of Method 2, with clarification. Method 2 - Two (2) users on the same computer You would proceed as follows: - Define two users (need to be Administrators). e.g. Joe-PRO and Joe-CVITP - Logon under Joe-PRO, install UFile, start UFile enter your PRO Activation key, define your PRO EFILE setup, and close UFile. - Logon under Joe-CVITP start UFile, (no installation required) enter your CVITP Activation key, and define your CVITP EFILE setup
  2. I am assuming that you are a non-resident filing a NR-216 return. To enter the amount of tax withheld - tick Pension income (T4A) in Interview setup - enter the amount in Box 022, Federal income tax deducted
  3. Bretonix

    Lines 305 and 367

    As you have joint custody for your sons and as there are no support payments, - each parent can claim Line 305 for one son - each parent can claim Line 367, if applicable, for the same son - each parent can claim child care and physical or arts expenses for both sons Here is how you will define the situation in your file and in your ex-wife's file. - let's name your sons Son-A and Son-B - assume that you choose Son-A for Line 305 then your ex-wife chooses Son-B for Line 305 - assume that each parent incurred child care for both sons as well as physical or arts expenses 1) your file - you report the UCCB you received, as per slip RC62 (as there is joint custody, UCCB should be split 50/50 between each parent) - Son-A, Controls page - designated child for Schedule 6 "Yes" - family caregiver amount "Family head to claim" - treated as dependant "Yes" - eligible dependant line 305 "Family head to claim" - single parent, include all UCCB amounts select "Yes" if your taxable income is above the first bracket in Schedule 1 - CTB calculation "The child is in shared custody" - Son-B, Controls page - designated child for Schedule 6 "No" - family caregiver amount "Do not claim" - treated as dependant "No" - eligible dependant line 305 "Do not claim" - single parent, include all UCCB amounts "No" - CTB calculation "The child is in shared custody" 2) your ex-wife's file - she reports the UCCB received, as per slip RC62 - Son-A, Controls page same as for Son-B in your file - Son-B, Controls page same as for Son-A in your file Note that, starting in 2015, Line 367 has been renamed as the "Family Caregiver Amount" and it applies only to children under 18 who have an impairment in physical or mental functions.
  4. Form T2209 is used to calculate the Federal Foreign Tax Credit. As you reported 0.00 (zero) foreign tax paid against your foreign employment income, there is no foreign tax credit to calculate. Hence Form T2209 is not generated.
  5. Click Other plans and funds Click Contributions to a registered pension plan (RPP) (not on a T4 slip) Enter the amount contributed in the first field RPP current and past service contributions Leave all other fields blank.
  6. You should not answer the questions in the Controls section unless you receive a diagnostic in the Results page after clicking the Results tab. As the Help says "UFile will prompt you to do so in the NETFILE diagnostics section when you calculate (i.e. click the Results tab) and access the Results page". The diagnostics will be produced only when there is a transfer of credits from one spouse to the other, i.e. Schedule 2 and the corresponding Provincial (S2) are generated, and certains conditions apply. When such a diagnostic is produced, the answer should always be Yes.
  7. If you read the federal Guide with regard to line 363 you will see that there are no restrictions on the nature of the income you report on lines 101 and 104. As you reported income on line 101, you are entitled to the Canada employment amount on line 367.
  8. 1) enter zero (0.00) in the madatory field (red star) 2) enter the amount of T4, Box 81 in the line "Placement or employment workers (T4 Box 81)". You can enter any expenses you incurred in the course of your engagement. 3) ignore the Warning "pensionable earnings entered for a T4 exceed the amount of T4 income".
  9. The "Add another +" to use is located near the bottom of the T2222 - Northern residents deduction page. Look just above the last two fields and to the right of the page. The "Add another +" will show in light blue as soon as you have entered the data for one trip.
  10. If you want to include expenses incurred in November and December 2012 you must define the Last date of medical expenses as 31-10-2013. Click Medical and disability in the Navigator. Click Last date of medical expenses. Enter the last date. Make sure the dates are in the proper format in your medical expenses: (dd-mm-yyyy), e.g. (15-11-2012)
  11. Click Other deductions in the Navigator. Click Schedule 1 line 369 - Home buyers' amount.
  12. In the section Other plans and funds click HBP Participation in an RRSP home buyers' plan. Enter the balance and the HBP amount that should be repaid. Then enter zero (0) as the Amount of RRSP contributions designated as repayment. The full amount to be repaid will show on line 129. Also check the results in Schedule 7. Note that your plan is worthwhile only when you are not going to use any of your RRSP contributions as a deduction on line 208, i.e. you will use your contributions in the future. Otherwise the end result is the same as you have contributed to your RRSP.
  13. According to your text you emigrated from Canada and you were a resident of Quebec on the day you left Canada. You need to select Quebec as your Province of residence on December 31, 2013 in the Identification page. See the help associated with Province of residence (click the ? at the right of the province field).
  14. I understand your situation to be as follows: - you moved from Quebec to Ontario in 2013 - you were employed in Quebec for part of 2013 As you were residing in Ontario on December 31st, you have to file only a federal return. There is no such thing as an Ontario tax return. Your federal return will contain Form ON428 which will tell you how much tax you owe to Ontario. It is CRA which will transfer the amount to the Ontario government, not you. With respect to your employment in Quebec, you should receive a T4 slip and a Relevé 1. You enter the data in UFile by choosing T4 income earned in Quebec in the T4 and employment income section. The Quebec income tax withheld you enter in RL-1 box E will then be added to your federal income tax withheld (T4, Box 22) and reported in your federal return on line 437. You can see the details in the federal worksheet, line 437.
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