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  1. scratch

    Import spouse data

    Yes thanks I understand how to do it automatically. But I won't be able to do this for my spouse because I am added her manually as in first post therefore I have to do it manually somehow, and I rally do not know how.
  2. scratch

    Import spouse data

    Thanks. how do I get the carrry forward amounts manually from the 2012 tax return to the 2013 tax return
  3. scratch

    Import spouse data

    I have used UFILE for a number of years and have seperate files for myself and my wife. Import of data from previous works fine in this way. This year I would like to combine our returns as a family so I can share the donations and pension splitting. So I have my return and I am the primary family member then I create a family member and add my wife. Once I am in my wifes return and try to import her data from last year it actually creates another seperate profile with her as primay family member. If this can not be done. Is there a way I can optomize her donations from her individual return with mine? I've tried this and it does not seem to work. So if this is all imposible except for doing it manually how do I get the carrry forward amountsfrom the 2012 tax return to the 2013 tax return.
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