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  1. Hi, I and my husband are separated, and we are planning to file our 2019 tax return separately. However, he is the family head in the past years. Can I change the family head to me in our past account or I need to create a new account? If create a new account, how can I import my 2018 tax return? Thanks
  2. Hi In the "Left-side menu under the Interview tab", I don't have the line "Quebec drug insurance plan". This gives me error in the Review stage. I've specified I am Quebec citizen.. How to solve this? Thanks
  3. Hi I and my husband got separated 2nd half of 2018. When file 2018 tax, we indicated the marital status has changed (married to separated) in both of our files. He is the family head, and in his review section, there is an error: "You have data for both an ex-spouse and a current spouse. Delete one or the other, consistent with your marital status." I couldn't figure out where the current spouse is indicated. I don't know how to fix this error. Could anyone help? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the answer. But the date of disposition is not included in the RL16 slip. Where can i find that information? In addition, is proceeds of disposition = amount in Box A of RL-16? Thanks
  5. Hello Does anyone know where to report the amount in the Box A of Releve 16? It is capital gain. In the T3 report, it only asks RL-16 Box C1, C2, I and J. It doesn't ask for Box A. Thanks, Tina
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