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  1. Greetings Just running into a problem - this year we sold a stock I've held since 2010. At that time it wasn't purchased, it was exchanged to my account for another stock from a family member. I received a few hundred shares of a couple stocks and transferred out a few hundred shares of other different stocks... Because of the non-1-to-1 nature of this exchange, I don't have a cost for these shares, thus I don't know what the actual capital gain was - I just have the full proceeds from the sale this year. Do I have to claim the whole sale as capital gain? (per my t5008)? My 5008 has both the stocks I got in that series of transfers indicates the full value of the sale as a gain because the cost is unknown. Rundown-- 2010: Give stock A and stock B to Dad (internal at the brokerage) Get Stock C and D from Dad 2013: Sell C and D but do not know the cost - there was no recorded cost to the transactions.
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