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  1. Hello, I have been using UFile for 10+ years (love!!). I just bought a new laptop this year and loaded the 2019 version. However, I do like to refer back to previous years sometimes to refresh my memory on how I completed something. I have moved the PDF files from previous years but would like to reference how the entries were made. Is there a way to move the software from a previous year (ex 2018) from the old laptop to the new one? Thanks so much 🙂 Dana
  2. Johnny, I think we are in similar boats. I am confused with the whole T5008 'thing'!! My issue is that I don't receive a T5008 slip but simply a T5008 -Summary of Security Dispositions with over 50 lines of transactions. There are no Box #'s to advise what the figures are in reference to. When I attempt to use Auto-fill with CRA, it involves, like yourself, 60# entries and balance owing of $20000+ (and, please believe, I am no multi-billionaire and would have to file bankruptcy if I had to pay $20000!!). I receive multiple T3 and T5 slips so part of me thinks that the T5008 Summary is, just that, a summary! Meaning, for my records and not necessary to claim. I honestly have no idea what I would enter as there are no box #'s, no code for type of securities, nothing. Do you have any insight on this or received any further knowledge re: T5008? Or anyone else out there? Thanks in advance. Dana
  3. pollyrs

    claim preschool amount

    I understand exactly what you are saying what you are saying pupuch06. I think the expense should be claimed under the Children's art amounts. However, if both parents work, could the expense not be claimed as childcare and thus providing more of a "benefit" (as childcare is a deduction to taxable income whereby the art's amount a mere credit - to a max of $500). By the way, I am asking the question as it is a scenario I am dealing with at the moment and NOT because I am challenging or questioning your reply/comment :-)
  4. Hi m.b, Yes, typical CRA speak ... sounds like a whole lot of double talk!! In the case you described, you want to answer NO. Essentially, that whole "less than 90 day" comes into play when considering other credits, spousal amounts etc. If you were never separated from your spouse during the year, this question does not apply to you. If you did separate, say during the holidays (Nov & Dec), this question does not apply. I know the 90 day reference comes into play for some scenarios (long time since I took a class and have not had a need for investigating the issue as it has not arisen in my tax scenarios). But as I say, if you and your wife/common law spouse are happily together and have not lived apart, you'll want to ignore (or select NO) to this question.
  5. I attempted to Nefile a return twice and was rejected by CRA. In contacting them, they informed me of the problem and I successfully filed. In my Tax return counter, it displays the name of the filer twice... once for the unsuccessful attempt (displays "N") and again for the successful attempt (displays "P" and "N" as I also printed it). The difference, and thus the issue why I was unsuccessful the first time, was the dob. However, even if the program views it as a separate return, it was not filed ...how can I get that return added back to my tax return counter? Thank you
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