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  1. I have experienced the same problem printing page 2 of the Tax Return Summary, but only after upgrading to Windows 10. I uprgraded over the weekend and last week, under Windows 8.1, I was able to print all pages without any difficulty. I hope that this observation will help the Q&A department. It would be nice to have a solution, (that does not involve resorting to saving the file to PDF), before the end of tax season.
  2. When I tried to print a copy of the federal return that had been successfully EILFed I get the message "duplicate do not send by mail" appearing on the first four pages of the federal return. This does not happen on any of the schedules or any of the Quebec return pages or schedules. I also do not see this happening if I print the return before EFILEing. Is this something new with the 2015 version? Is there some way to turn this message off?
  3. I am working on a file for a single parent family where the mother is living with her daughter aged over 18. The daughter is a full time student and the information from her RL-8 has been entered in the dependents section. The program does not seem to calculate the credit for the mother for the amount for a person living alone and the additional amount for a single parent family. The program has used the daughter as a designated child for the mother's schedule P however. I am not sure why it is not according her the amounts for a person living alone....
  4. I have noticed this. After I implement the fix that you described and try to send to Revenue Canada again, I get the message that the return has already been filed. Any idea what is causing this error and what I can do to fix it?
  5. Hello again. I have developed the same problem one more time. I was able to fix it using the same solution that you provided but am now wondering why this keeps happening. Will this be a reoccurring problem that will necessitate reinstalling the program over and over again?
  6. Thank you Gabriel. Problem solved and the first declaration is away.
  7. I am attempting to senda tax return through EFILE and I received the following error: The SOAP library is not installed. It then says that the files can be found on the CD, but I purchased UFile Pro through a direct download and have no CD. Can anyone help?
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