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  1. I used 1) Public facility You use the ON-BEN - Declaration for Public long-term care home. But, in the final return neither 6123 nor 6110 is populated??
  2. My mother is a resident of a long term care facility. I've entered the cost of her acommodation and the # of months in residence on the Property tax credit/residence credit window. But, I don't see how to specify if the facility pays municipal property taxes. if the facility pays taxes then If you lived in a private long-term care home, hospital, group home, chronic care facility, or a similar institution, and the institution paid full municipal and school taxes, enter your rent beside box 6110. If you lived in a public long-term care home and the institution did not pay full municipal and school taxes, enter your accommodation costs beside box 6123 Without being able to specify if they pay taxes neither line 6110 or 6123 is being populated in the final return.
  3. I completed and netfiled my return. 2 days later an additional RRSP slip arrived, For an automated $50 deposit in Feb/14. Do in need to amend my 2013 return, or since it was a deposit made in 2014 can i simply include it in my 2014 return?
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