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  1. I am having the same issues with carrying over from 2013 to 2014 of dependent parents marital status. I've tried the solution as indicated in this thread, but now I can't produce a tax return for my dependents. This is truly frustrating. The amount i can claim is the same with and without the change as per the solution with this issue. I wish Ufile would admit in fixing this bug. It does not make sense that in the 2013 version there was no issue with marital status for dependents and yet in 2014 there is!!! I don't want CRA questioning me why the marital status has changed from 2013 married to 2014 single on the tax return. Ufile programmers fix this bug!!
  2. I am filing out the Principal residence worksheet T2091(IND) WS E form and it really doesn't make much sense. Why would I need to know the fair market value at the end of Feb 22, 1994, if my spouse purchased the townhouse in 2004? This worksheet seems so dated and useless. Nothing really applies here, but somehow the T2091 - "Designation of a property as a principal residence by an Individual: form requires in Part 4 for the "Reduction as a result of the capital gains election"??? I find the worksheet absoultely useless and does not apply in my circumstance. Gabriel can you help out here?
  3. Thanks Gabriel for looking into this....if I change my spouse as the family head, I'd have to redo everybody's taxes all over again. There must be a way to designate my in-laws to my spouse as dependent. Weird that Ufile just designate the family head to claim dependents.
  4. Hi, I am currently adding dependents for my spouse into the Ufile software, however when I enter the information, Ufile asks what relationship it is to me? I'm not trying to claim my mother-in law and father-in law, but my wife is suppose to claim her parents since they are living with us now. Why does the Ufile software thinks I should be claiming it? Is that ok, and will CRA care much, since we all live in the same household? Thanks, Brian
  5. Let me back track....in 2004 she and her brother purchased a townhouse so that her parents, her, and the brother could live together. in 2011 she married me and moved in with me. in 2013 my wife and her brother sold the townhouse. Because she lived there from 2004 to 2010, her capital gains should be exempt for those years, since it was her principal residence. The only capital gain that she should be accounting for should be from 2011 to 2013. That is why the principal residence exempt formula applies to her situation. I still find it weird that Ufile does not have this in their program. The principal residence exemption calculation is: (# of years home is principal residence + 1) x capital gain # of years home is owned
  6. Yes, she was dating me at the time. She purchased the townhouse with her brother, so that the parents and them can live together.
  7. Hi, So, when i file my taxes and my spouse's taxes i indicate the capital gains from the selling of the townhouse, then I netfile it, and then i mail the worksheet and T2091 form. With the capital gain from selling, my wife will be hit with a large amount to pay to the government. If she pays the large amount, and the government says she is exempt 7 (6+1) years out of the 9 years, does that mean the government will cut her a cheque for the difference that she overpaid in her taxes? Please advise. Thanks, Brian
  8. Hi, I am currently doing my taxes for my spouse, and we wanted to know how she can enter the principal residence exemption on a townhouse she had purchased with her brother 9 years ago, and sold it last year. She lived there for 6 years as her permanent residence. i can't find anything in Ufile to enter this information. Also, would we have to submit the T2091 form with our tax return by mail to CRA? i hope someone can answer my question. Thanks, Brian
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