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  1. Suppose I contribute $1,600 to a federal party and another $1,600 to the constituency association. 1. I assume that my maximum tax credit is $625 not $625 per $1,6000 for a total of $1,300. Right? 2. If it is just $625, then there is no incentive to report $3,200 since that will probably only bring an audit request to send in the paperwork to prove I didn't over-contribute to either group. Right? Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. My T5008 shows dispositions for a variety of stocks, REITs and so on. I know that sales for a security that take place on more than one date can be aggregated, but what about aggregation across securities. For example, sell ABC corp and XYZ REIT. Do I report on two T5008s or aggregate proceeds and ACBs into one T5008?
  3. My T5800 slip covers about a dozen securities but the Ufile 5800 form only allows two transaction to be entered. Am I supposed to aggregate the data or forget about the T5800 and enter the trades the old way, that is individually on capital transaction forms?
  4. The list of documents supported under Where to enter?, is still 2016. Disappointed in Ufile putting out such an incomplete product.
  5. The monthly exchange rates provided by Ufile are also for 2016. Update needed ASAP.
  6. I pay an annual fee for the management of my investment account. I recently received a letter saying some of my fees for the past few years including 2016 are being refunded plus an opportunity cost refund because of the inappropriate deduction of trailer fees on mutual funds. I assume the opportunity cost is an estimate of investment income lost because of the unnecessary payments I made. How are the refunds handled for tax purposes?
  7. Let me explain myself better. A person age 65 is working, has no pension income and has room to contribute $5,000 to his RRSP. He moves $10,000 from the RRSP into a RRIF and withdraws $2,000 to get the maximum pension income credit. Since the $2,000 isn't needed right now, can that amount be put back into the RRSP to obtain the contribution deduction. Yes, it would have to be for 2015.
  8. A person age 65 with no pension income can convert a portion of their RRSP to a RRIF and withdraw from the RRIF to trigger the pension income credit. If the person is still employed and doesn't need the amount withdrawn, can it be contributed to the RRSP to generate the contribution deduction?
  9. Curmudgeon

    T2200 Question 5

    The T2200 E provided by my employer has Yes to questions 1 and 2 and No to 3. Question 5 is answered Yes with: amount received ... $1,176.00 rate 0.54/km ... $343.18 amount included on T4 ... $1,176.00 The other two questions in 5 are answered No. What amount can be claimed as an employment expense? UFile has a T2200 form but it doesn't feed into the T777. Any help will be appreciated.
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