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  1. Sorry, I give up. Not useful at all and copy-and-paste does not answer my question. I will contact CRA directly.
  2. It is a case of a deemed non-resident (who is treated the same as a non-resident). The question is the same as in my first post. For which part of the year does the foreign income need to be reported? - For the time while still in Germany? - For the time while in Canada? - For both times?
  3. QuikClik Navigator > Immigrant, emigrant, non-resident > You were a non-resident of Canada for all of 2013
  4. I think we should answer the question here as it might be relevant to other members. I refer to Schedule A - Statement of World Income In the software it asks for "Foreign source income earned during Canadian NR period". As an example for better understanding: Income Germany January - October = $15,000 Income Canada November - December = $3,000 Do I have to fill in the German income in schedule A if non-resident for tax purposes?
  5. Confused about the reporting of world income on schedule A. For which part of the year? - part while in Canada - part while not in Canada - both
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