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  1. Ufile Sent .PDF file - carry forward???

    Ufile 2017 carries forward by accessing the file with the .u16 extension. The PDF files are for your records.
  2. Issue with T4 and REL1 Box J

    According to your screen shot, you are using the non-resident version of the T4/Rel 1/ QPP form. Box J would not be relevant if you are filing your income tax in a province other than Quebec, so that probably explains its absence.
  3. ReFile NETFILE

    I contacted technical support about this and was told that REFile will not be implemented for the 2017 fiscal year, but it may be in future years. You can fill a T1-adj online through CRA's My Account, which works well and automatically triggers a reassessment.
  4. The unused amounts are automatically carried forward by Ufile. I am not aware of any time or amount limits. In a given year, practically speaking, you should never deduct more than is necessary to reduce owed tax to 0$.
  5. Since the provincial deduction is determined from the T2202A slips, the provincial credits will simply follow through, according to how Nova Scotia handles the calculations at their end. So your wife's cumulated federal credits will be used to calculate the NS deduction. Please get back to us derekhalifax, if this is not the case. Thanks.
  6. Error importing data from Revenu Quebec

    This is not Ufile' s fault; Revenue Quebec does not guarantee that all information slips will have been received until roughly mid-March, so it is pointless to activate earlier.
  7. Problem with Auto-Fill

    Autofill was supposed to be activited today (March 1st) by Revenue Québec, but I am getting an 'oups error' when I hit the download button.
  8. Is UFile good?

    I just wanted to add that if you live in Quebec, it is the best adapted software to the provincial return. If you live outside Quebec, you have many more choices available, that are well adapted to provincial returns outside of Quebec.
  9. You might want to contact the international taxation section of the CRA here: It is too easy to add complexity to a tax return, when none may be required. Are you an immigrant or a Canadian resident for taxation purposes?
  10. Income exempt under a tax treaty for UK

    According to the UK/Canada tax treaty, you only pay tax in the country you reside in. So all income should only be reported in the country of residence. Since you are filing a Canadian tax return, there should not have been withholding taxes in the U.K. in the first place. If your residency status changes during the year, the 'CRA's rule of thumb' is to declare U.K. income in the U.K., and Canadian income in Canada. In both cases, you DO NOT report any 'foreign income', as this defeats the whole purpose of the tax treaty.
  11. Capital Gains from Mutual Funds

    Since mutual funds are aggregated investments comprised of many stocks and bonds, the information slips normally provide all the information needed. With 'naked stocks', from specific companies, you have to populate Schedule 3 yourself with shares sold, proceeds of disposition, cost base etc.
  12. Is NR4 same as T4A?

    The issue depends on the specific tax treaty between Canada and your country of residence. The NR4 is sometimes declared with your income tax return of your country of residence as foreign income. I don't believe that the NR4 can be part of a Canadian tax return, unless your residency status is subdivided among two countries in a partial year.
  13. Ufile will not execute

    I solved the problem by following Gaetan's instructions, on clearing the Thomsons_Reuters cache found in the thread: 'Error UFile 2016- frozen software or cannot start (20.12)'
  14. Ufile will not execute

    During a routine startup, Ufile froze with the mouse becoming immobile. I reset and restarted the computer and now when I click on either the Ufile shortcut icon or the executable in the ufile subdirectory, nothing happens. I attempted a repair using my Ufile disk but i get a 'Windows Installer error 1612'. I uninstalled and reinstalled from the download link obtained when I purchased the software, and still the software does not execute. How can I regain use of Ufile?