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  1. Thank you very much, that was a huge help.
  2. On my Quebec Relevé 1 at the bottom in the Renseignements supplémentaires section, I have two extra amounts, D-1 (which, I understand must be entered on line 207) and D-2 but UFile doesn't appear to provide a means to enter these amounts, either in the interview or directly on a line. Any help will be appreciated. Or maybe, are these amounts for info only and do not need to be entered anywhere? Thanks.
  3. I am new on the forum and I apologize if this topic has been brought up before, I didn't find any info on it however. My son, who lived with us till Sept 2013 moved at the time to the UK for studies on a full UK scholarship. He did make approx 10K last summer and was a full time student at McGill. I understand that I must still indicate that he lives in Quebec as he is considered a factual residant of Canada for tax purposes. The question I have, is the following; is he required to declare the UK scholarship grants he received over there, and if yes, can he deduct his UK tuition fees, or are those just not included in last years tax return. Furthermore, next year, he will still be in the UK, but he will have had zero income (except for his current scholarship), will I still show him as living in Quebec with no income? Any help or pointers from those in the know would be appreciated, thank you......
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