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  1. Hi Jel! You can find the *6-digit code from the North American industry classification system at this link http://community.ufile.ca/index.php?/topic/4995-naics-2013/
  2. Hi Gabriel! Thank you for your answer. I've followed your instructions but I was wondering if I should also select "Foreign income or foreign property" in the Interview setup and then "Foreign professional income". In this way, I could select the country from where I received the income and apply the correct exchange rate. However, I've seen that, even if I insert an amount here, the results don't change. Is that correct?
  3. I've earned my total income working as independent contractor on the website platform oDesk (www.odesk.com). oDesk provides an online workplace where companies hire, manage and pay freelancers through a web-based platform. The company is located in the United States States and payments are made in USD$. How should I record my earnings in my tax return? Thanks!
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