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  1. Hope someone can help me with this situation. My daughter lives and works in the UK. She comes home twice a year and during this time in Canada she works on a casual basis at a hospital. She therefore has Canadian employment income but the bulk of her world income (83%) comes from the UK. I used U-file to do her 2013 taxes and got a different assessment than I expected. Her NRTC were pro-rated (as I expected), except that the program didn't pro-rate her Canada Employment Credit. More significantly, the program didn't calculate ANY provincial tax due (only federal). I set her province of
  2. Thanks for the reply allen11. As you suggested, I have excluded the eligible amount from the RRSP receipt and the numbers now work out with regard to the correct deduction for RRSP as well as the excess calculation. It's still not entirely satisfactory, as the receipt I have for the RRSP contribution doesn't tie to the amount entered in the program. However, I have made a note as to why this is and hopefully there will be no repercussions from it. I am a professional accountant (albeit not specializing in tax) and I saw right away that something was wrong with the way the program was handl
  3. This is an aggravating issue isn't it? I have a more straight forward issue that doesn't span two tax years since the retiring allowance was received mid-year and was fully contributed to an RRSP right away. I entered the eligible amount from Box 66 on the T4 screen and then enter the same amount as a transfer to my RRSP. I then entered the "official tax receipt" - RRSP contribution slip that I received for making the contribution. On schedule 7, the amount on line 2 (RRSP contributions) has included the eligible amount twice! I believe that my tax is calculating correctly, but the p
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