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  1. Thanks Gabriel, I know that us "deemed" folk are few and far between. Living outside the country - while paying Canadian taxes - makes dropping into the local Future Shop to pick up a disc slightly more complicated. Buying online is really the only option beyond going old school and filling out the paper package. No one should have to suffer that fate!
  2. Due to employment, I fall into the category of a Deemed Resident of Canada. After scouting around, I've been surprised that many of the software packages out there simply don't cater to this situation. Right off the bat, you're usually met with a manditory drop down menu for you address - and have no options beyond the usual Provinces and Territories. Sure helps me when I'm living in Maryland. From what I've seen so far with UFIle Windows, it will (?) support a Deemed Resident living outside of Canada. HOWEVER, when I go to pay for the software, I'm met with a drop down menu for location. You guessed it - only Provinces and Territories to choose from, so I'm stuck paying taxes for a place I don't live. What's the deal? Sort of worries me when the payment method doesn't support people buying from outside of the country...
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