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  1. Thanks Jason. She actually has more income than I do. So I'm not sure why the UFile instructions say I have to claim her adjusted taxable income is nil...
  2. Hi there, I'm preparing my return along with my spouse for the first time, and I'm confused about one requirement on the "Controls" section. The instruction says: "If applicable, please select Yes to confirm that your spouse's adjusted taxable income is NIL" This question is repeated for provincial/territorial income. Why do I have to confirm my spouse's adjusted taxable income is NIL? Because it most certainly isn't.... But if I answer "no", I'm afraid I won't be able to NETFILE. The help section says: "This is a mandatory requirement from CRA for NETFILE, you have to answer YES to this question to confirm the calculation done by the program, UFile will prompt you to do so in the NETFILE section when you calculate and access the Results page." Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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