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  1. Hi, I have a T5013 form and within the form I have three different Box-Case 135 that requires entering. First box has no code, second has a USA code and the third has a BMU code. I was wondering how I can enter all three codes separately or will I be required to create 3 separate forms Thanks,
  2. Hello I am trying to file Ontario Tax and Credits pertaining to Energy. Reading the blogs on here there should be data for me to entre once I am in the form but that does not occur When I select the ON-BEn Application for 2014 Ontario Trillium Benefit (Ontario Sales tax credit, Ontario energy and property tax credit, Northern Ontario energy credit) and the Ontario Senior Homeowners' Property Tax Grant. all I see is the following: The taxpayer elect to receive the 2014 OTB entitlement in one payment in June 2015 ? with drop down of Y/N Apply for the 2014 On. energy and property tax credit (ON-BEN L.6118) with drop down of Y/N The program does not allow me to provide any calculations as how much property tax or energy cost I've spent. Just wondering if i'm doing something wrong here ? Thanks,
  3. Do we report gains or losses on disposition of a mutual fund on the "T5008 - Statement of securities transactions income form capital gains" or is this reported under "capital gains &ABIL - Stocks, Mutual funds and other non decipherable property" ? thanks,
  4. Do securities/stocks that are purchased but not sold need to be entered/reported if so where can this be done in ufile ?
  5. CIBC has sent me a list of securities/stocks I have traded for the year. It does not state that it is a T5008 form but I was wondering where I can entre these transactions ? Should I entre them in the Capital Gain & ABIL stocks, mutual funds and other non decipherable property or should I put them in Interest/investment income T5008 statement of securities transactions income form capital gains ? thanks,
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