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  1. Thanks for your reply. I (single parent) did what you suggested, adding a dependent (student) who is over 18, that made only 8,060 in that year, less than the 10,822. After completing the choices, and choosing to claim the dependent by me, the family head, I thought I would see the difference of about 2,700 shown in line 305. I re-entered everything, and still no luck with anything in 305 of my return. As a test, I downloaded the free StudioTax and entered the same data, and it showed 2758.81 in line 305 of my return. It seems a lot more complicated, showing all the forms, and a little more clunky interface than your program, but it seems to handle the dependent calculation as expected. Any other thoughts on what I could try? Thanks for your help. If I can not figure this out, I think I will just file by paper reports.
  2. What am I missing? I am the family head and have added a daughter as a dependent. She is a student and earned less than $10,822 (Province=Sk) in income, but none of the remaining balance transferred to the parent under line 305. Thus it does not match what I did on the paper forms. The income was entered for the daughter, but there is no schedule 5 to complete the calculation manually, and the program is not calculating and adding it automatically back to me, the parent. Any suggestions on what I am missing? Thanks for your replies,
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