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  1. Sorry.. My bad.. note to self... "automatically check for updates" will not work if you save a virtual machine state with UFILE already open, and you don't close it and restart it!!!! d'oh! after manually running updates, netfile works!
  2. For the past few years i have run ufile on windows 7 running under virtualbox on an old iMac. This year, I am unable to netfile, because "netfile opens Feb 24..." (see attached screen grab ufile1.tiff). although file was generated today (see attached screen grab ufile2.tiff), so it does know the correct date.. Any suggested workarounds? (my next step is to reinstall on my daughters windows computer, and go from there, but social distancing prevents that right now!) ufile1.tiff ufile2.tiff
  3. I am doing a joint return for myself and my wife. She has OAS, CPP, and pension income, all with taxes withheld. If I add up the amount of taxes withheld, it is 430 dollars higher than the amount reported on line 437... How can that be? The program did some pension splitting... does it split tax paid, as well???
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