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  1. Hi there, My wife and I have been using UFile for the past couple of years and it has worked great! This past year, my wife was on maternity leave until September. She started to do work but not as a full time employee, but self-employed. She will be self-employed for this entire year coming up as well. When we get the next version of UFile and do our 2014 taxes, will the Self-Employment Business Income option automatically allow for all of her business expense calculations? Expenses such as: KMs travelled for business Office space Insurance Dues etc... This will be the first year where we will use UFile for this type of income reporting as in the past she has just hired an accountant to do all of this for her. We want to ensure htat UFile will allow for her to include everything she is entitled to expense because she is self-employed. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you, - Christian
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