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  1. Thanks again Gabriel! I tried using the form you mentioned and noticed the line Box 26 - CPP pensionable earnings (Warning: if 0, see help.) (RL-1 Box G-2), but my numbers on Box 26 of the Quebec T4 and Box G-2 on the Quebec RL-1 are different... how do I handle it in this case? I also still could not find any place for Box B-1 of the Quebec RL-1 on this form.
  2. Thanks for the info Gabriel! I was mainly wondering though where to report the RL boxes B-1 and G-2, i couldn't find references to them on any of the income forms. Any idea where I need to enter those?
  3. Hello, I moved to Quebec in 2014 and have now received two T-4's (one from Nova Scotia I worked first and another from Quebec) and one RL-1. The RL-1 has additional values for with Boxes labelled B-1 and G-2 2. The number for Box B-1 is the same as the number in the Nova Scotia T-4 Box 16 and the Box G-2 has the same value as Nova Scotia T-4 Boxes 24 and 26. Anyways I can't seem to find anywhere to report Boxes B-1 and G-2 on the RL-1 slip on UFile online. Where should I report these? Thanks in advance
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