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  1. really roger.. thats your suggestion to help?... yes im aware you have to change the date in the drop down menu... support keeps saying they have no record of me paying yet i emailed them bank statements and pictures of the report from ufile saved on my desktop. what a joke this company is
  2. nope. went back and checked the email, its the correct username and password. also I have only used 1 username and password anyways. it logs me in has all my personal info. but doesn't show proof I finished and paid? I downloaded and saved the file to my desktop so I do have proof.
  3. back in January I paid for and completed my 2013 return. was given an error message when filing. customer service told me it was closed until February 9th. I returned today to login and file it. and there is zero info in my account. everything is blank, like I didn't even pay or complete anything. any ideas?
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