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  1. I have a similar situation. I am employed seasonally on a Fee for Service basis as a tour guide for an Ontario company. I moved in September 2016 from NS to BC. My new company has their head office in Boston. My new Fee for Service employment (with the Boston contract) won't begin until May 2017. Additionally, my tours occur in various places across Canada including BC and NS. Should I file the moving expenses for 2016? Am I even eligible to claim moving expenses? Thanks
  2. Sale of Rental Property

  3. I have the same problem that Line 372 is blank and I am paying full CPP. Did you,Infovis, get an answer to your question above?
  4. My situation is similar to the above, but I sold a 2004 vehicle that I use for Self Employment in August 2014 and leased a new 2015 vehicle. I have calculated the separate expenses as per the above post. I just don't know where to indicate that the vehicle was sold, and that I am now using the leased vehicle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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