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  1. I agree Piltan. This will be my last time with ufile also. I have had so many problems with their program. My inlaws are 100% dependent on us. Now with a seperate filing I am having a problem with the system not accepting that they have nil income and I have to mail their tax return for CRA to fix. And last year the program double dipped on the sales tax credit which it is doing again.
  2. This has been posted for 2 weeks now. I guess if you do not know the answer you just ignore the question. Just to test I entered all their information into the online version of your competition turbotax it worked fine but for some reason it wanted me to upgrade to the standard version that I would have to pay for. I am thinking there is an error in your software. It will allow me to paper submit it so that CRA can look it over before issuing a refund
  3. dba12345

    CPP Overpayment

    I have the same issue with having to owe $1000 when I have overpaid my cpp by $900. Along with 2 jobs I have started a business and have expenses to deduct but no income in 2014. If I do not claim my business loss I get a refund of about $800. It can take a long time for the CRA to audit this and I will have to pay now and wait till I get it back. Can I save my loss for 2015 I have income from the business now.
  4. My parents have no income from any source. They are fully dependent on my wife and I. I am doing there personal tax after claiming them as dependents on mine. For my parents spouse I keep getting a message I have to confirm no taxable income. I click yes on all the boxes to confirm no income for the spouse in the control section for the family head but still get the messages. The link only takes me to the spouse identification line not were the problem is there is no control section for the spouse. What is wrong I did not have this issue last year.
  5. I had the same problem. I am now told to claim them as single and then do a seperate file for them. http://community.ufile.ca/index.php?/topic/5774-dependant-parents/ I have a new problem now. They have no income but ufile will not accept this and keeps telling me to select yes to nill income which I have done.
  6. dba12345

    Dependant parents

    Bobyo how did you complete your taxes last year if you had this problem.
  7. dba12345

    Dependant parents

    How long do you normally have to wait for a response. I submitted a information request last week by email and still no response. I am starting to think it may be time to change programs
  8. dba12345

    Dependant parents

    My parents are dependants living with us I have claimed them in the past. This year the program field in dependent identification marital status will not allow me to claim them as married. Is there an error in the program. I had a problem with my file from last year I just received a notice that the dependents claimed the $75 sales tax credit twice. ufile did this even though they were claimed as married.
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