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  1. I had the same problem and took me a few hours to resolve. In my case, "click to fix it" link directed me "eligible tuition fees paid for 2016". There are two fields prepared if you look at closely. Enter description in first field (I guess "tuition", "text book" etc), and amount in the second one. You'll see $ mark added automatically to the number in the second field. Hope this helps!
  2. Oh really? That's what I did in first place! Anyway thank you for the response. I have been looking for this answer for a long time
  3. This is an update after I called CRA. The agent told me the apartment rent expense as business use of home goes to Mortgage interest in the Home Office Expenses section. It's kind of hard to believe but that seems the way it is.
  4. Just found a page of HOME OFFICE EXPENSES so here is where Electricity goes. How about rent expense in home office? (The work space is used for only translation work, not like as meeting space or something else)
  5. Hi there, I am a self-employed translator and the 100% of my work is made in one of room at home (rental apartment). Now I want to claim home expenses (rent and hydro) calculated based on CRA's example. Which item should I put this amount on T2125 - Business page? In the CRA guide, it's called Line 9945 – Business-use-of-home expenses. Thanks in advance!
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