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  1. How do I download Ufile Pro 2017 on my new computer?
  2. Enter your full amounts for the period. If any of the amounts include a personal amount, you can enter the amount under the respective question. Then, when you enter the percentage, UFile will automatically calculate the correct amount.
  3. Your file should be entered together with hers, as her husband, entering complete information so the respective information transfers to her file and is included. Since you´ve already filed your spouse's, you may need to do your own separately, summarizing her info, and ensuring you don't take the same deductions
  4. Sometimes, an amount is entered that does not need to be entered. That happened to me last year, until I finally figured out where my mistake was. UFile wouldn't highlight it. Click on the link for the error and check everything; something could be entered wrongly or doubled; or if you enter one item, another should not be entered, even though it's on the T slip
  5. Try entering your telephone number with and without hyphens. See which works. But I don't see how a different phone number than the one registered with CRA may be an issue. Sometimes we change numbers or prefer a different one.
  6. 1-Can I Refile 2017? Do I need to do it in the clients' UFile 2017? 2-I changed computers and have the UFile Pro 2017 on the other computer. What do I do? I have the UFile files saved in this computer, but not the program. Thankyou
  7. When I declared that for 2013, the amounts came out correctly as you say and I included the difference in the Trillium residence part. Have you checked you 2013 return Results to see what percentage and amount is actually shown in your personal portion of your home office expense? There may actually be a mistake there and you should file an adjustment. Otherwise, you could answer the CRA in writing with a copy of your entire return showing the personal portion % and the residence credit explaining the situation.
  8. It occurs to me that you can enter the requested Trillium information as zero. Maybe that will solve the issue.
  9. I am aware that the CRA says if the common-law relationship was not 12 months by December 31, the partner's income is not included. However, if I enter a change of status on UFile for June or July (meaning the relationship has lasted only 5-6 months), UFile rquests the partner's income and uses it to calculate the benefits. So, to avoid this, is it better to say there was no change of status in the year and declare the change in the 2015 return with a 2014 change date?
  10. Karen If you have been separated for over 90 days by December 31 and did not get back together, the CRA site says to include only the spouse's income for the period you were together. So, in your case, it would be 1 or 2 days, which I would include as nil or zero since January 1 is a holiday and January 2 you separated. The other option is to ask her what her income was for the 1 day and include it, even if it was from the U.S. It's probably not material anyway
  11. If you are self/employed, you can report it under fees expenses in the self employment page. As an employee, it is not an option.
  12. sonicwithtails, I just opened my 2014 Ufile to look at that, and since the 2013 info was carried over to it, the clients marital status is still there showing as married. The identification page info is already there. I did not have to reenter it. Maybe you have to carry the information over again and make it rewrite whatever is in the file. That could help you
  13. I thought that had happened to me also so I looked at the previous year comparison and saw the 2013 info effectively under 2013. Then I went to the 2014 income window and saw it was empty, which was correct as I had not entered any info. Check that out; you many not have lost the info
  14. I prepared a 2013 first year return for a client and had to print his return and not Netfile. However, I cannot import his 2013 .u13 file. The ones I netfiled imported immediately. What can I do?
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