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    why do I have CNIL?

    Hi.. So I'm using Ufile for the second year in a row, and when I started my 2014 tax filling, I realized ufile automatically created a form called CNIL and automatically filled "Total Federal CNIL Income at the end of 2013" by an amount equal to the interest from Canadian sources I filled in 2013 ? Why is ufile reporting this even though i declared it last year and how does that affect my return ? and what's the purpose ??? what will happen if i delete it ? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone.. I was working as a contractor for the first 10 months of 2014 and was later converted into a full time employee. My company sent me two T4 slips, one for the portion I worked as contractor and one for the full time portion. When I was a contractor, the tax portion, CPP and EI were deducted until I maxed. Therefore my second T4 slip had zero contribution for CPP and EI. I filled two T4 slips, but Ufile keeps telling it will ignore the zero contribution of CPP and EI in my second T4 because I didn't mention i'm exempt. Any advice what can I do ? shall i leave EI and CPP blank instead of zero or do you think I should combine both T4 slips into one since it belongs to the same company ? Thanks
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