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  1. Hi, Received the following error during NETFILE, has anyone seen this before? This is either a bug in UFILE or in the CRA's receiving application. << Your tax return has not been accepted by the CRA... Error Code: 2507 You made a claim for charitable donations on line 333 and/or line 334 of Schedule 9, Donations and gifts. The total of line 333 and line 334 is greater than the amount on line 340. Please review your entries and make the necessary changes. >> Line 333: Donations to Canadian Charities Line 334: Donations to US Charities Line 340: Eligible Donations In my case, I have made donations to US Charities but I do not have US income which would mean that Line 340 will be less than Line 333 + Line 334. Line 334 will carry forward to next year. The validation done by CRA must be incorrect or I think CRA must be expecting UFILE to make the value of 334 '0'. In other words, do not include any donation amounts in Line 333 or Line 334 that cannot be claimed. There is no way for me to manually override any of these values in Schedule 9. I have checked past years and the calculations done were similar to this year and I had no issues with transmitting the file manually via the CRA website. This year around we only seem to have the automatic Netfile option. I don't know if that make any difference. I contacted the CRA e-services help desk # which was provided in the error message but they were of no help other than repeating the error code. They asked me to check for software updates or contact CRA Income Tax Department. Kevin
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