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    Good mornng, I am new to this way of filing income tax and I think I made a mistake and I'm not sure how to correct it. I opened an account in Ufile, completed my own income tax first and netfiled it and received a confirmation# on 15 Mar 15. My parents than asked me to complete there's. I wasn't sure how to enter another family member that was not my dependant so I cleared mine than did my dad's income tax on that blank file. I than added my mom as a dependant to my father and did her income tax. When completed I attempted to netfile them. It allowed me to send my moms return and receive a confirmation# but not my dads. It said I had already sent that one on 15 Mar. I believe that because my dads was done over top of mine it does not see it as a new one and therefore won't let me send it. When I checked my receipt, I was only charged for mine and my moms. How can I fix this to allow me to send my dads return. My mom's was done as his dependant spouse and I did income splitting from his to hers. Thanks.
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